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Reviews: Helmut Marko: "Nothing is fix" between Volkswagen and Red Bull

Honda has its Japanese - Alpha Tauri pulls Tsunoda up

 Honda has its Japanese - Alpha Tauri pulls Tsunoda up At the end of 2021, Honda will say goodbye to the Formula 1 engine supplier. Red Bull would like to keep the Japanese engine and then operate it on its own. For himself and his sister team Alpha Tauri. To do this, a few pieces of the puzzle have to be set. As a farewell, Honda managed to bring a Japanese driver from its youth development program to Formula 1. Yuki Tsunoda will be promoted to Alpha Tauri in 2021, replacing Daniil Kvyat.

Helmut Marko bremst Gerüchte über eine Kooperation mit Volkswagen © ServusTV (Leo Neumayr) Helmut Marko curbs rumors about a cooperation with Volkswagen

Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko has speculations that Red Bull will be logical from 2025 Partner for a possible involvement of the Volkswagen Group in Formula 1 could be, at least not vigorously denied on Monday evening on Red Bull's house broadcaster 'ServusTV'.

He doesn't like to talk about possible collaborations, Marko says, because Red Bull has "spoken to a lot of companies in the past". When asked by the moderator whether the latest rumors that Porsche should negotiate with Red Bull are true, he replies: "We keep talking. But nothing is fixed."

Volkswagen Looks Back At Starting Beetle Production 75 Years Ago

  Volkswagen Looks Back At Starting Beetle Production 75 Years Ago The legend turns 75 on December 27. What started as a “prestige project” of the National Socialists before World War II later became the Volkswagen Type 1, the production of which started on December 27, 1945, after the trusteeship over Volkswagenwerk GmbH was assumed by the British Military Government in June 1945. The company’s factory was largely destroyed during the war but an order from the British Military Government for 20,000 vehicles in August 1945 basically guaranteed the future of the facility. This is how the legendary Beetle was born.

When asked again whether this could not be ruled out, Marko remains vague and waves: "Nothing is fixed."

From the outside, cooperation would be logical if the Volkswagen Group really decides to start either Audi, Lamborghini or Porsche in Formula 1 from 2025.

An report by the 'BBC' recently brought up the traditional British teams McLaren and Williams as possible partners for a joint venture in addition to Red Bull. But the alleged line to Williams is far-fetched despite the former Volkswagen sports director Jost Capito, and at McLaren Volkswagen would have to come to terms with the royal family of Bahrain as a shareholder.

Do three Styrians agree?

For industry insiders, it is much easier to imagine that with Dietrich Mateschitz, Helmut Marko and Fritz Enzinger, who is responsible for all motorsport activities of the Volkswagen Group, three real Styrians will sit down at one table and sniff out unbureaucratically how they want to shape the future together .

Max Verstappen: Never regretted decision against Mercedes

 Max Verstappen: Never regretted decision against Mercedes © Motorsport Images Jos and Max Verstappen feel very comfortable at Red Bull When Max Verstappen's star rose in the Formula 3 European Championship in 2014, vied with Mercedes and Red Bull two top teams from Formula 1 for the services of the rough diamond. Verstappen and his management, which includes Raymond Vermeulen as well as his father Jos, opted for Red Bull at the time.

Especially since Red Bull is repositioning itself with the founding of the new engine company Red Bull Powertrains, which will continue to operate Honda technology from 2022. And a Formula 1 team with its own chassis and engine campus at a fully integrated location, so to speak, is a very exciting asset for a potential factory partner.

But there are still many steps to be taken before then.

For the first time, the ball lies with the people involved on the part of Formula 1, the FIA ​​and the currently engaged engine manufacturers. With the reform regulations for 2025, they must create the framework conditions that could be attractive enough for Volkswagen to actually launch one of the Group's own brands in the third attempt within the last six years.

Red Bull Powertrains: Attractive set-up for investors

First of all, Red Bull has become "self-sufficient" with its own Powertrains division, as Marko says: "The equipment is such that we will not only be servicing our engines from 2022 onwards we can do it ourselves, but we have the technical means to be able to develop a new engine ourselves. "

Because the regulations from 2025 should result in a Formula 1 engine that is "much simpler and at the same time cheaper", believes Marko - by the way, two criteria that are also presumably important to the Volkswagen Group (in addition to the topic of ecological sustainability in Form of e-fuels, e-turbo, downsizing, etc.).

The possibility of becoming a customer team at Ferrari, Mercedes or Renault after the exit of Honda, however, was never seriously up for debate: "We were unanimously of the opinion that this was not in the spirit and spirit of Red Bull," emphasizes Marko.

Dispute over Flexi Wings: Red Bull Knights Mercedes threat .
The dispute over the flexible wings in Formula 1 does not end. Mercedes wants a ban already in Baku. But Red Bull picks up a counterattack. © Provided by Dispute over Flexi-Wings: Red Bull Knowing Mercedes threat Better could be the mood of Red Bull Chief Advisor Helmut Marko (78) also two days after max stump victory in the classic in Monte Carlo not be. ( Formula 1 racing calendar ) Red Bull has been opening the World Cup rating for the first time in 2013 for the first time.

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