Reviews: Aston Martin's Announcement: until 2025 World Champion

Pirelli refers Aston Martin's suspicion to the realm of Fables

 Pirelli refers Aston Martin's suspicion to the realm of Fables © Motorsport Images Aston Martin was not consciously disadvantaged, says Mario Isola was made the new Formula 1 regulations for 2021 to deliberately brake Mercedes and Aston Martin? This reproach had subliminated in the room at Aston-Martin Team Chief Otmar Szafnauer last weekend and a compensation for the new underbody rules demanded, the cars with a low angle of attack ("low rake") probably disadvantage. for Pirelli Manager Mario Isola, however, are such allegations nonsense.

Munich - The British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin has made himself world champion in Formula 1 over the next four to five years.

Aston Weltmeister © Motorsport Images Aston World Champion

This has said team boss Otmar Szafnauer at an online media event for selected journalists, in which together with Aston Martin's IT service providers IFS, the implications of the budget ceiling were discussed on the business model of the racing stables.

"If we could be a World Cup candidate in three to four years, that would be a success. The World Cup really to win within five years, we would believe I consider successfully," says Szafnauer, formerly Chief Operating Officer by Racing Point (Force India) and today at the follow-up stall Aston Martin team boss of Sebastian Vettel.

What to Buy: Aston Martin V8 Vantage (2006–16)

  What to Buy: Aston Martin V8 Vantage (2006–16) There are a few things to be aware of, but 15 years after its debut, the Vantage delivers timeless beauty, a stirring V-8, and opportune depreciation. Aston Martin's gorgeous Vantage could sell on looks alone if it weren't such a compelling car to drive too. Developed under Ford ownership, the entry-level Aston borrowed a few obvious bits from the corporate parts bin, such as the spindly Jaguar key and the Volvo fob and navigation unit. Yet it still captures nearly all the specialness of the twice-as-expensive DBS and Vanquish.

"If we look at the teams who have won several World Championships in a recent past, then Mercedes used four years after the purchase of Brawn, and as far as I remember, the temporal setting was at Red Bull after the purchase of Jaguar Racing More similar, also three to four years, "explains the 56-year-old.

Red Bull has bought the Ford Group in September 2004 the then Jaguar team. 2009 Sebastian Vettel The first Grand Prix victory, 2010, the German brought the first of four World Cup titles. Say: Red Bull became world champion in the sixth year after Formula 1 entry.

would be given to this timeframe on Aston Martin, the 2026 would mean the winning of the World Cup. There was Vettel 39. Somewhat faster than Red Bull was Mercedes: When Lewis Hamilton was 2014 Champion, the team was in the fifth year since the acquisition of Brawn.

This Sure Looks Like an Electric Bronco Teaser as Ford Plans Two New EV Platforms by 2025

  This Sure Looks Like an Electric Bronco Teaser as Ford Plans Two New EV Platforms by 2025 This Sure Looks Like an Electric Bronco Teaser as Ford Plans Two New EV Platforms by 2025Ford North America Product Communications Manager Mike Levine tweeted a few screenshots from the presentation, and there's a lot to glean from the bold blue silhouettes here. There appears to be an electric Transit city van, a battery-only truck that might preview the next-gen F-150 Lightning, and a boxy SUV with a rear-mounted spare tire.

comparisons, which are only conditionally allowed, will find SzaFnauer: "We start at a lower base, I think. When Mercedes Brawn bought, the team was straight world champion. We were a few times fourths and were never WM-candidate takes longer to make a team from the top of the midfield to number 1. "

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Aston Martin lays down at Vettel: "We have no plan B" .
© Motorsport Images Otmar Szafnauer says he has no other drivers over 2022 Aston Martin and Sebastian Vettel will also be 2022 together in Formula 1 Go to the start. Team boss Otmar Szafnauer still does not explicitly speak this sentence. But in his online media round on Saturday in Monza, Szafnauer cleared the fears that Vettel could never end his career as much as ever. media reports on a crack in the relationship between Vettel and Team are "100 percent nonsense", the American assures.

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