Reviews: FFF: the salty note of the early elimination of the Blues at the Euro

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 Concept for Digital Euro is: No blockchain, no advantages At the earliest In five years, the European Central Bank (ECB) wants to introduce the "Digital Euro". This will not be based on the recent conceptual situation on the blockchain and be bound to conventional bank accounts. © GagliardiPhotography / Shutterstock The ECB bureaucratizes a digital euro. From the environment of the central bank, the Handelsblatt has experienced some corner points for the almost finished concept of a European digital currency.

by getting eliminated from the euro in an early manner, the France team has fallen (a little more) the finances of the French federation of Soccer.

La sortie précoce des Bleus de l'Euro a plombé la FFF. | BSR Agency/Getty Images © Provided by 90min The early output of the Blues of the euro has fallen the FFF. | BSR Agency / Getty Images

Just in hotel fees, the France team cost more than 170,000 euros expenditure at the FFF during the euro. All for canceled reservations.

eliminated early from the euro, from the stage of the 8th finals against Switzerland (3-3, 4-5 Tab), the team of France recorded a failure, as stinging on a sports plan that financial. Because, the French Football Federation had already anticipated expenses for the end of competition.

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As explained to us on the JDD this Sunday, the quick release of the Blues in this European Nations championship has caused losses estimated at 170 000 euros at the FFF, just in hotel fees. Indeed, the proceeding had to pay its note, despite the cancellation of its reservation, at a 50km facility in Budapest.

a deficit budget for the FFF

and necessarily, if we add these expenses to others, such as the payment of benefits of several technicians and other members of the staff, all the same paid until the end of the competition, The France team finally passed a little more the FFF estimated budget, already deficient at € 5.8 million before the EURO .

As long as the missing campaign of our world champions has caused a lot of harm to French football ...

Volley - Euro (h): France dominates Croatia without shaking .
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