Reviews: Liam Lawson apologizes for bumped Ferrari stop at Lausitzring

only two DTM test days for BMW teams: Why van der Linde completely missing

 only two DTM test days for BMW teams: Why van der Linde completely missing Why the two BMW teams Rowe and Walkenhorst do without the third Lausitzring test day and Sheldon van der Linde will not be on site will be next week Complete the DTM from Tuesday to Thursday on the Lausitzring the second and last official test before the start of the season in mid-June in Monza. But a pilot will not be part of the game: Rowe-Pilot Sheldon van der Linde. "We will only be on site with a car and Timo Glock," confirms team boss Hans-Peter Naundorf in conversation with 'Motorsport.c

Liam Lawson hat das Sonntags-Rennen am Lausitzring wohl an der Box verloren © Motorsport Images Liam Lawson probably lost the Sunday race at the Lausitzring at the box

Liam Lawson continues to mix the DTM. The young AF Corse Ferrari pilot secured the podium sockets number two and three of his DTM career, which was first four races, on the Lausitzring. It would have been even more in the Sunday race without an vintage box stop in the Sunday race

than the second place.

What had happened? Lawson led the race when he came in the eighth of 36 laps to his compulsory box stop. There, at the AF-CORSE troupe, everything seems to run as lubricated again, but then the New Zealänder sparked his Ferrari when approaching.

Ferrari: Next podest chance first in Hungary?

 Ferrari: Next podest chance first in Hungary? © Motorsport Images The Ferrari came with the slow curves in Monaco Well right is there for Ferrari this season again the chance for a similar good result as in Monaco? The Scuderia showed a surprisingly strong performance at the weekend in Monte Carlo and was able to secure the pole position and on Sunday also Square two in the race . "We had previously had a car that has performed very well in slow curves," Carlos Sainz had just made better opportunities in advance.

passed valuable seconds before he could continue the ride. However, that was enough to lose two positions at Kelvin van der Linde and Maximilian Götz. Both wanted to hold Lawson behind him by his service later initiated later.

But even the stop itself ran unhappy, as Lawson reveals after the race: "In the box we had a slow stop. At least stop was slower than usual, because normally our team was blessed with very fast stops. That was different , otherwise this is one of our greatest strengths. "

AF-CORSE-FERRARI no longer added to the best DTM stops

then the Lapsus of Lawson, who distinguished his car. "We had a little problem and I was sitting at the wheel and was ready to drive away and let the clutch come down. When the car was leaved, I thought that I left the clutch early. That's the reason why the engine goes off" , gave the Ferrari pilot to protocol.

"Do nothing before": Red Bull, Mercedes clear faster than Ferrari

 © Motorsport Images Can Ferrari use its good starting position? The pole position in Monaco came with a small announcement, but the pole position in Baku but pretty surprising. Hardly any of the weekend would have set an Azerbaijanian manate - so the currency in the country - on Ferrari, but for the second time in a row Charles Leclerc stands on Sunday on starting place one ( Formula 1 2021 live in the ticker ). "That's a surprise for us," says sport director Laurent Mekies.

A look at the stop times illustrates how hurt the missed pit stop at Lawson does. On Saturday, the New Zealänder was 7.9 seconds, which is the four-tailest stop of the entire weekend. Only the crews of Sophia Flörsch (7.0 seconds, race 2), Marco Wittmann (7.3 seconds, race 1) and Maximilian Götz (7.5 seconds, race 2).

On Sunday, on the other hand, the service life was placed over 11.6 seconds and thus about 3.5 seconds slower than usual. Incidentally, the pit stop was not smooth at teammate Alex Albon. That is, above all, bitter, because AF-Corse was still the absolute DTM crosus in terms of pit stop at the start in Monza.

Liam Lawson mixes after Lausitzring event fully in the title fight with

that Lawson has nevertheless had to reinstate under these circumstances only a bit-thin behind Van der Linde and Götz, underlines: This race could have walked very differently at a normal stop. Whether it would have been for victory?

Lawson cautiously: "I believe that [the covered engine] was probably my fault. I apologize to my team, because that cost us the lead, even if I did not know if we had them in the course of the race. It definitely ran not ideal."

Lawson's Conclusion of the Lausitz Weekend falls out under the stroke double columns: "It's a very good result, but of course we want to win. It is of course frustrating that we did not do that. If we see that realistic, that was for the realistic Pace, which we had especially in the race, a good result. "

In the overall standings, Lawson has already sold a little bit of competition together with Kelvin van der Linde. "In terms of points it was a good weekend for us," he says. In two weeks it goes on for him in Zolder. Then hopefully with smooth stops. X1

DTM training Norisring: Lawson brings on Fridays Best time, BMW again weak .
© DTM DTM Leader Liam Lawson starts optimally in the title finale on the Norisring preliminary measure on the Norisring for DTM Leader Liam Lawson at the season finale on the Norisring unknown for him: The New Zealand Red Bull Youngster secured the day best of three Mercedes AMG pilots in 49.375 seconds during Friday training in the AF Corse Ferrari in 49,375 seconds. And that in dry conditions and temperatures just at the 17 degrees.

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