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Reviews: ARK reduces Shares: Cathie Wood throws Tesla shares from the depot

Tesla Model 3, Model Y get more expensive as automaker jacks up prices again

  Tesla Model 3, Model Y get more expensive as automaker jacks up prices again The $500 bump is the latest in a series of price increases Tesla put in place this year.The Model 3 became a $40,000 vehicle last month, but as of today, the cheapest version, the Standard Range, now sits closer to $41,000 at $40,690. The Long Range version increases to $49,690. All prices include a $1,200 destination charge and show Tesla bumped up the actual price by $500 for both vehicles. The Model 3 Performance holds steady at $58,190. And keep in mind, these prices assume you select a white exterior color; any other hue and the price increases by at least $1,000.

Starinvestorin Cathie Wood has thrown some of its Tesla shares on the market. In doing so, their investment company Ark Invest had recently issued a high price target for the shares of electric car new.

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• Ark Invest Sells Tesla Shares worth $ 43.7 million

• Tesla share remains top holding in three ETFs

• Cathie Wood sees Tesla share misaligned

The strong development of the Tesla share in 2020 was one of the main growth drivers in the ETFs of the investment company ARK INVEST. In April, the company had already thrown some Tesla shares from the deposit at a share price of around $ 719 of US dollars, now it was time again.

Elon Musk finally speaks to numerous Tesla price increases

  Elon Musk finally speaks to numerous Tesla price increases Tesla cars cost a couple thousand dollars more than they did at the start of this year. Why? Musk explains on Twitter.Musk addressed the issue by responding to a user on Twitter, who commented they "don't like the direction Tesla is going." He first mentioned the removal of adjustable lumbar support, which he said was "almost never used.

Tesla shares sold: US $ 43.7 million occupied

ARK sold 63,643 Tesla shares and has taken 43.7 million US dollars at the sale, this is from the company's trading update. Tesla is the top holding in flagship ETF ARK Innovation and is also the greatest participation in two other ARK ETFs: the ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF and the Ark Next Generation Internet ETF. Overall, there are still 4,873,916 Tesla shares in the ETFs of Ark Invest, the total value of the investment was last on about 3.3 billion US dollars.

Tesla of False Analysts misaligned

That the partial sale of Tesla shares doubt the long-term bulls Wood on the electric car wall is not to be accepted. Even before the release of Tesla's quarterly balance sheet, Wood had confirmed its basic price target of 3,000 US dollars for the Tesla share in an interview. In addition to "Real Vision", the investor also took into the visor, which, in its opinion, are responsible for saying that Tesla is wrongly rated on the market: "We believe that the reason for such a great inefficiency at Teslas rating of short-term Time horizon of the analysts is and the fact that the wrong analysts follow ". She stressed that Tesla is rated by car analysts by a majority of car analysts, the Group of Elon Musk is a "multi-faceted technology company".

The Tesla Model S Plaid+ Is DOA, Per Musk's Latest Tweet

  The Tesla Model S Plaid+ Is DOA, Per Musk's Latest Tweet Tesla is pulling the plug on the Model S Plaid+, per the brand’s chief executive officer, Elon Musk. Musk tweeted the news on Sunday, June 6, 2021: Plaid+ is canceled. No need, as Plaid is just so good. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 6, 2021 While the upcoming Tesla Model S Plaid offers plentiful performance for its $121,190 asking price (including the ability to hit 60 mph in less than 2.0 seconds and a top speed of 200 mph, according to Tesla), its estimated driving range of 390 miles on a full charge falls 130 miles short of the claimed range of the $141,190 Plaid+ (520 miles).

At ARK, you have another approach to be able to rate the Tesla share correctly: "Tesla is a technology company, but not just a technology company," she said, naming in the context of energy storage, robotics, artificial intelligence and software-as -a service. "So we have three analysts that assemble the Tesla model," she explained.

ARK Invested in Innovation

The investment company of Starinvestorin has primarily focused on market segments of digitization and technology and consistently focused on the portfolio of its ETFs. The focus was ensured that Ark has been able to generate a strong return in recent years and last year also investors legend Warren Buffett and his Holding Berkshire Hathaway had expired the rank .


Uber will rent Teslas to its drivers through new Hertz partnership .
Hertz is buying 100,000 new Tesla EVs, and a chunk of them will be made available to Uber drivers, the companies announced.Uber providing avenues for drivers who don't own a qualifying vehicle for the ride-sharing service isn't new. The company started its rental options back in 2016. However, it touted this Hertz partnership with thousands of Teslas as a major step forward and a way to reduce carbon emissions in cities in which Uber operates. The company also said it's a good deal for its drivers, too. As part of Uber's Green Future Program, it will pay drivers $1 more per trip if they switch from a gas-powered vehicle to a zero-emissions one.

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