Reviews: on Mars, the Rover Perseverance finally started his work

in pictures. The first marks pictures sent by the Chinese Rover

 in pictures. The first marks pictures sent by the Chinese Rover after its historic landing last week, the first Chinese probe on the red planet sent on earth its first "selfies". © photo issued on 19 May 2021 by the Chinese National Space Agency (CNSA), taken by a Camera of the Chinese Rover Zhurong on the surface of March after landing on March 15 2021 Solar panels deployed in An extraterrestrial landscape, ramps and antennas pointed to the Martian horizon: the first Chinese probe on the Planet Red sent its first "selfies" on earth, after its his

Sur Mars, le rover Perseverance a finalement débuté son travail © Mark Garlick / Photo Science Library on Mars, the Rover Persieverance finally started his work party almost a year ago, the Rover Perseverance started his mission of Rock levy Friday, August 6th. But the work did not bear fruit for this first.

The Rover Perseverance started to take a piece of rock on Mars, announced NASA Friday, the first of thirty samples that will, in several years, be reported on Earth to be analyzed. The US space agency has published photographs clearly showing, next to the shadow of the vehicle, a small mound with a hole in its center - the first dug by the robot on the red planet.

"The sampling sampling started!", Exclaimed on Twitter the director for the science of the US Space Agency, Thomas Zurbuchen. In total, the process of collecting a sample - the size of a chalk and sealed in a hermetic tube - must take 11 days. The goal: to look for signs of ancient life, such as fossilized microbial life in the rocks, but also better understand Martian geology.

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Answer in the 30s

But problem, this first mission had a failure, said the space agency later in the evening. "The first images and data show a successful drilling hole, but no sample in the tube", tweeted NASA. In one press release , the space agency adds that the problem would not be related to the robot, but rather to the rock "did not react as we were waiting for drilling".

Video: The Rover Perseverance of NASA will get a first sample on Mars (Le Figaro)

The mission took off from Florida there is a little more than a year ago. The module, which makes the size of a big SUV, then settled on February 18 in the crater of Jezero, whose scientists think he housed, there is 3.5 billion years, a deep lake . An environment that could have created the conditions necessary for extraterrestrial life.

The NASA provides for a mission to bring back the samples on Earth, in the 2030s, so that they are analyzed by much more sophisticated instruments than those that can be brought on March at the moment.

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