Reviews: James Key: Why rebuild McLaren wind tunnel and simulator

Max Max: Hamilton will definitely pass the McLaren

 Max Max: Hamilton will definitely pass the McLaren © Motorsport Images Max Max Stapen has the two McLaren as buffer to Lewis Hamilton Sebastian Vettel was the last red-bull pilot in 2013, which is a Formula 1 race in Monza could win. Eight years later, he could now stood Max, which will start the Grand Prix on Sunday a little surprisingly from the pole position ( Formula 1 2021 live in the ticker ). "That was always a strange course for us," says team boss Christian Horner. "Therefore, it is phenomenal that we start from the first place.

McLaren will in einigen Jahren mit hochmodernem Equipment angreifen © Motorsport Images McLaren wants to attack in a few years with state-of-the-art equipment

"We are all impatient," says McLaren-Technikchef James Key about the advancing modernization of the facilities in Woking. McLaren is equivalent to the future and builds, among other things, an brand new wind tunnel and a new simulator. Until everything is done, a few years will be passed: Only 2024 you can get up to date again.

Until then, the racing team has to do with the possibilities that you currently have. But according to Key, modernizations were needed bitterly: "Our simulator should have been the first in Formula 1. Although he has been modified and updated since then, but still one has a little limited if one has quasi generation zero."

PartyCasino Joins Forces With McLaren Racing

PartyCasino Joins Forces With McLaren Racing McLaren Racing and PartyCasino have joined forces in a multi-year sponsorship deal that officially began at the Monaco Grand Prix on 23rd May 2021.

that one now builds a new from the ground up and has a new technology, McLaren will bring up the most up to date with the data and understanding of it. "At the end of the day we want to know with the plants Yes," says Key.

"And that's how it behaves with the wind tunnel," he adds. "There is data on which we just do not come to the current model. It is a great facility that has provided us good services, but we also know that there are recent systems built with better technology. Da We have something behind. "

CFD upgrade usable

"We try to compensate for the best possible, yet we lack some of the more accurate data and the knowledge we would otherwise get," says Key. "That's why we are super impatient to get this data that lift us to the next level."

Because of course, McLaren has no access to the new facilities yet. Only an upgrade of the CFD hardware has already been used since the beginning of the year. At least one can already work on the brand new car for 2022. "That helped us definitely refined some of the methods and approaches that we had on the aerose site anyway," says Key.

McLaren: no reason to give up the fight against Ferrari to P3

 McLaren: no reason to give up the fight against Ferrari to P3 © Motorsport Images After the starting crash, the race for Daniel Ricciardo was quasi still before three races McLaren had in the World Cup Table 17.5 points ahead Ferrari. But in the meantime, not only this upholstery, but also place three gone. Thanks to an improved hybrid system, the Scuderia succeeded in converting the residue into a projection of 13.5 points.

An advantage sees the technical chief with the "outdated" technology but: McLaren knows his tools and the strengths and weaknesses exactly. "We can use them accordingly and compensate for something," he emphasizes.

roughly goes, fine not yet

But what promises McLaren from the new wind tunnel exactly and how influences the work on the car for 2022 that only the old models are available? The fact is that McLaren like all other teams must weigh exactly what directions are to be pursued. Because since this year there are other limitations of the CFD and wind channel time.

"The new investments are more likely that we can refine our possibilities and possibly do other things," says Key. "We are looking forward to that."

"But when it comes to major architectural decisions, if you have large areas to develop, format and shape, then the current equipment can also make a lot of decisions at this stage," he says. "With the subtleties, we may have a little disadvantage."

McLaren: Entry into the Extreme E will not disturb F1 team - on the contrary .
© Motorsport Images Zak Brown has become more careful, which commitments in addition to Formula 1 in terms of a few days ago McLaren announced his entry into the extreme E. Manufacturers, however, stresses that his future commitment in the still young, fully electric SUV offroad race series will have no influence on his efforts to return to the top again in Formula 1.

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