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Reviews: in front of Zandvoort: Ferrari examines trapping of SPA

Lewis Hamilton suspects: Ferrari has caught up at the engine

 Lewis Hamilton suspects: Ferrari has caught up at the engine © Motorsport Images Lewis Hamilton (l.) Wonders about Ferraris new strength Ferrari and Charles Leclerc maiden at Formula 1 weekend in Baku the second pole position in a row. Although the Scuderia benefited from an accident in Q3 as already in Monaco - in Monaco, it was Leclerc itself - but the upward trend in the jumping horse from Italy is unmistakable.

Ferrari kam im Regen von Spa in die Traufe © Motorsport Images Ferrari came in the rain of spa in the meager

Ferrari has missed a great opportunity in spa. The Scuderia could eight eight on Sunday with the places and take ten only small points. Because Q3 had been missed in rainy qualifying with both cars and was able to benefit from Sergio Perez on Sunday and come forward.

But the pace was not there in the rain, and you want to examine that with the red from Maranello. "We all expect a little bit more," says Carlos Sainz, who had landed in Qualifying only in rank 13.

"Actually, I was happy when it started to rain," says the Spaniard. For he had already set a good feeling for his second race in Imola and, in the meantime, fastest rounds, though it was his first time in wet with Ferrari.

Christopher Mies: New layout in Zandvoort promises exciting racing

 Christopher Mies: New layout in Zandvoort promises exciting racing © Geobrugg Steep curves in Zandvoort: Mies rated the new layout The third race weekend of the ADAC GT Masters season 2021 takes place on the Circuit Zandvoort in the Netherlands. The route was rebuilt in 2020 for the planned Formula 1 Grand Prix. Significant are the new steep curves: the Hugenholtz curve and the Luyendijkkurve have a banking of up to 18 degrees. GT specialist Christopher Mies rates the changes to the course directly at the North Sea.

"But I knew how the car would behave in spa, but was surprised how little grip I had. I was lost in qualifying something," he admits. "That was bad for me because I really like the conditions and normally quite good in it."

not in the optimal tire-resistant

Why Ferrari was so helpless in the rain, you want to analyze that. Suspected one has the tires that were not in the right temperature window. "In wet, the window of the tires is very small," says Leclerc, who was only eleventh in qualifying. "We did not get that. We have problems in the wet more often and need to approach." By contrast,

Williams have shown that they had the perfect window. Nicholas Latifi was surprisingly putting between both Ferraris, George Russell drive even more surprising into the first start series.

"Hard to endure": Ferraris painful Monza defeat

 © Motorsport Images Square Two is not the result that Ferrari and AF Corse have hoped "That's the most disappointing second place I've ever had." - James Calado does not even try to find out. Ferrari has suffered a bitter defeat against Porsche at the home game in Monza. And that, though everything really had spoken for the jumping horse. "That's hard to accept. That was the race we really wanted to win. But Porsche seemed to have the certain extra," says a stunned Calado. "It was so tight.

"We found out that the Williams and other cars have rushed with pretty much wings behind," says Sainz. "And we still had the very narrow. So it has to deal with the burden on the rear tire and how the tire works. But let's look at that."

Where is Ferrari sorting in Zandvoort?

In Zandvoort, however, threatens the topic to be none, because rain should not exist this weekend. How Ferrari will beat, the two pilots are still uncertain. "It's strange here. It's a high-downforce track, but also a high-speed route," says Sainz.

This means that there are not many curves as in Monaco or Baku in which Ferrari was fast and the pole position could get. "There are many medium-fast curves in which we last had a few problems," says Leclerc. "But there were some positive surprises, and that will hopefully be the case here."

"The route is also very technical, and usually our car is very good in it," says the Monegasse. "It's going to be a little unknown for all because the teams were not here for a long time. Usually we are good to have the right set up from the start, which will be important this weekend. Hopefully we will have a good weekend. "

Ferrari after quality disappointment undecided: one or two stops? .
© Motorsport Images Carlos Sainz in Ferrari SF21 in Qatar 2021: He starts in the race on Medium Four times in a row Ferrari had placed with both cars in the top 10 of Formula 1- Startup Position . But in the Qualifying to the Qatar Grand Prix 2021 in Losail ( track the race in the free Formula 1 Liabticker! ) Cross this series. "That's a disappointment," says Ferrari sports director Laurent Mekies. "And we are still wondering why Charles [Leclerc] has not succeeded in better performance.

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