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Reviews: Aston Martin lays down at Vettel: "We have no plan B"

Aston-Martin Team Unheated Vettel to EM-from

 Aston-Martin Team Unheated Vettel to EM-from The large football fan Sebastian Vettel has been showered by the English members of his Aston-Martin team in Spielberg with Häme. © Provided by Aston-Martin-Team mooded Vettel to EM-from eyes on the Rennstall election: The four-time formula 1 world champion and large football fan Sebastian Vettel is on Thursday of the mostly English members of his aston Martin teams in the paddock of Spielberg with Häme been showered.

Otmar Szafnauer sagt, er hat mit keinen anderen Fahrern über 2022 gesprochen © Motorsport Images Otmar Szafnauer says he has no other drivers over 2022

Aston Martin and Sebastian Vettel will also be 2022 together in Formula 1 Go to the start. Team boss Otmar Szafnauer still does not explicitly speak this sentence. But in his online media round on Saturday in Monza, Szafnauer cleared the fears that Vettel could never end his career as much as ever.

media reports on a crack in the relationship between Vettel and Team are "100 percent nonsense", the American assures. And: "We do not have a plan B. There is zero friction points. If he asks himself! I'm sure he'll say that he loves this here. It's really just about clarifying a few details."

Aston Martin pulls protest against Sebastian Vettel's Disqualification Back

 Aston Martin pulls protest against Sebastian Vettel's Disqualification Back © Motorsport Images Aston Martin pulls protest against Vettel-DQ back The Formula 1 racing team Aston Martin has withdrawn his appeal against the disqualification of Sebastian Vettel at Hungary Grand Prix . This was announced by the racing team on Thursday. Thus, the scoring exclusion against the Heppenheimer is final.

A journalist thinks with: if doubts would persist, then you would have spoken with other drivers, right? "That's a logical train of thought," nods Szafnauer. "If we had only the slightest doubt, then we would have entered such conversations. In July, when everyone has talked about whether they should go to Williams or to Alfa, but we are not."

The highly official announcement for 2022 is "not far away", announces SzaFnauer. On demand, he specifies: within the next seven to ten days it could be time. So before the next Grand Prix on September 26th in Sochi. Only Vettel or Lance Stroll? "If, then both both," he laughs. Working with Vettel, which has been "wonderful" and "great" so far, "he is a fantastic person, he works hard, is very experienced and just a nice guy. We like him and he likes us. We are now in The detailed conversations entered how we continue. But we can not talk about contract details. "

magazine revealed: Sebastian Vettel deliberately sprit in Hungary!

 magazine revealed: Sebastian Vettel deliberately sprit in Hungary! © Motorsport Images Sebastian Vettel burned in Hungary deliberately fuel The FIA ​​knew no pardon: Because Aston Martin could not show the prescribed liter of fuel, Sebastian Vettel was taken from the rating after the Hungarian race . Even a proven defect could no longer change the commissioners: it counts the fact that no liter was more in the tank. Only now became known that Aston Martin Vettel had instructed during the race to burn a lot of gasoline. This reports 'Auto Motor and Sport'.

What surprised:

When Aston Martin announced on September 10, 2020, that Vettel encounters the team was talked about a multi-year contract.

"2021 and beyond" was the literal formulation. That it takes now until Aston Martin reaches out that everything is clear, therefore, ensures frowning. "Yes, it was a multi-year contract. But there are options on both sides. And when there are options on both sides, then there's a few details that you have to negotiate until a specific date has reached and elapses. And that's exactly what happens. I think we will announce something before this date, "explains Szafnauer.

This leaves room for speculation. Does Vettel really with resignation, as speculated by German media? Or is he just poking more content? After all, he has taken significant compromises in his change from Ferrari to Aston Martin

. But about such details is neither spoken by Vettel nor team. that SzaFnauer holds large pieces on the four-time world champion, from the team boss does not make a secret: "He is a man of high integrity, which I personally treasise very treasures. He is not afraid of saying his opinion what I like. And in Silverstone he even collected garbage, which pleases me too. "

"In Oxford, sometimes I also collect garbage even because I do not like it when garbage lies around," smiles Szafnauer. "I like that to Seb: he is a really good guy and he cares about the people, he cares about the environment. We like him. And he is a tough worker who has great expectations in themselves and the team "

Expansion to Top Team - Aston Martin Makes Mobil .
That Lawrence Stroll had imagined differently. Under the name Racing Point, his Rennstall 2020 drove with McLaren, Renault and Ferrari around third place in the design destruction. He only lost the battle because the team has been withdrawn 15 points. Renault had successfully protested that the RP20 was a copy of the Mercedes W10 of 2019 in certain parts. © Aston Martin / JCB The chess train worked.

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