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Reviews: Aston-Martin Comeback in the ADAC GT Masters? Prospord Plant Guest Starts

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  The 2022 Rivian R1T Is the Most Remarkable Pickup We’ve Ever Driven The 2022 Rivian R1T is the first mass-produced electric truck to hit the U.S. market, but that’s hardly the most interesting thing about it. Its electric powertrain notwithstanding, the R1T is unlike any pickup we’ve ever driven—part truck, part sport sedan, and 100 percent amazing. It’s been speculated that pickup buyers are too conservative to embrace electrification, but after our first drive in a pre-production Rivian R1T, both on-road and off-, we think this is the electric truck that will turn them into believers.

Zuletzt fuhr der Aston Martin in Hockenheim 2019 im ADAC GT Masters © ADAC Motorsport Last driving the Aston Martin in Hockenheim 2019 in the ASTON MARTIN in ASTON MARTIN in ADAC GT Masters moves to Technique: The Prospency Racing Team Plant the return to the International German GT Championship In the form of guest starts. Also on a driver duo, the responsible persons have already determined: Tim Heinemann, who goes for the team in the DTM-Trophy, should "alternate with Nicki Thiim" if possible with Nicki Thiim, announces team boss Christoph Esser.

"Heinemann has already completed test drives with our Vantage GT3 in the past few weeks and months at the Nürburgring, Grand Prix Course and Nordschleife, and also in Hockenheim." This would be predestined for use at one of the last two race weekends, because these are just in Hockenheim and at the Nürburgring.

ADAC: Corona trend for vacation in the cocoon

 ADAC: Corona trend for vacation in the cocoon The Corona pandemic has inspired the trend to vacation in the cocoon: many tourists have tried after analysis of the ADAC in the summer holidays to reduce contact with confident - both on arrival as Also in the choice of accommodation. © Daniel Bockwoldt / DPA Many vacationers preferred in the second corona summer not only their own car, but also their own accommodation. The result were full campsites.

Last posted an Aston Martin Vantage GT3 in 2019 in the ADAC GT Masters. The commitment two years ago also goes back to the prospent team, at that time under the name Propeak Performance. The last use goes back to the Hockenheim weekend 2019.

Aston Martin not only in the ADAC GT Masters

but not enough, because the team announces in the same breath also inserts with Aston-Martin vehicles in the ADAC GT4 Germany, in all outstanding race weekends on the Sachsenring , in Hockenheim and at the Nürburgring.

"When we started with Aston Martin with Aston Martin, we were right with a poles in Oschersleben. Also at the guest start at the end of the 2020 season, we have set accents. Now we are very pleased to deny three guest starts in the ADAC GT4 Germany To be able to be able, "says it's.

In this series Mike-David Ortmann is to go to the start. For the German it would be a double commitment, because in the GT-Masters he pilotes a Lamborghini Huracan GT3 for the Grasser team, which he shares with Clemens Schmid.

Thus, the team has already found a new field of activity after adopting the Gamseberg weekend with immediate effect from the DTM Trophy. Ortmann had won the Saturday race, then fell back in four because of a time penalty. The Hickhack behind the scenes around the punishment caused the team to this step.

Expansion to Top Team - Aston Martin Makes Mobil .
That Lawrence Stroll had imagined differently. Under the name Racing Point, his Rennstall 2020 drove with McLaren, Renault and Ferrari around third place in the design destruction. He only lost the battle because the team has been withdrawn 15 points. Renault had successfully protested that the RP20 was a copy of the Mercedes W10 of 2019 in certain parts. © Aston Martin / JCB The chess train worked.

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