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Reviews: Black Falcon returns to the SP9: Porsche 911 GT3 R at NLS8!

BOP 24H Le Mans Gte Pro: More power than 2020

 BOP 24H Le Mans Gte Pro: More power than 2020 © Motorsport Images Ferrari and Porsche will fight this year with a little more power The Long-distance World Cup (WEC) has the Balance of Performance (BOP) for the 24 hours published by Le Mans 2021. She will first be used at the Test Day this Sunday. Traditionally, the Circuit de la Sarthe has a very own BOP, which is not bound to the automated from other WEC races. A comparison is therefore only possible with the BOP from 2020. And something has done here.

Die Piloten des SP-Pro-Porsches steigen in die SP9 auf © VLN The pilots of the SP-PRO PORSCH rise to the SP9 on

The secret about the new Porsche 911 GT3 R on the Nürburgring Nordschleife is released: Black Falcon returns to the GT3 scene. For this purpose, a Porsche 911 GT3 R.

is controlled by the Nürburgring Long Distance Series (NLS, EX-VLN), the SP9-bolide is controlled by the previous drivers of the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup MR from the SP-PRO, Noah Nailelsdiek , Florian Naumann and Hendrik of Danwitz. Actually, the rise of the three pilots was already planned for the 6-hour race. Then, however, the Porsche had an accident at test treads, which is why the trio decreases on a SP7 vehicle at the season highlight.

Diesels Candal: Shareholders sue VW owner Porsche SE in the US

 Diesels Candal: Shareholders sue VW owner Porsche SE in the US The lawsuit should be commensurate in the holding and former VW managers. It is unclear how much damages is required. © dpa The family holding Porsche Automobil Holding SE is sued in the US because of diesel scandal. The VW's main owner Porsche SE sees itself confronted with a shareholder action in the USA because of the diesel scandal.

The project in cooperation with the long-standing Black-Falcon partner Identica is under the motto junior promotion. Underneath, Naumann also falls with its 31 years, because he runs only since 2017 races on four wheels. All three drivers have successfully worked up in recent years on the Nordschleife in smaller classes.

Prototype In this project, Tobias Müller, which in the previous year in the year 2021 in Rutronik and Falken is in the SP9 in 20021, is in the SP9. For him, a circle closes, because he occurs at NLS8 again on the SP-Pro Porsche as Mentor.

of Danwitz has the only one of the three pilots through GT3 experience. He appeared in the Adac GT Masters at Aust Motorsport on the side of Rahel Frey and Markus Winkelhock last year.

BOP ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring: Beat for Corvette and BMW

 BOP ADAC GT Masters Lausitzring: Beat for Corvette and BMW © Alexander Trienitz All cars are faster, Corvette and BMW slower bad news for Callaway Competition and Schubert Motorsport: Before the start of the "Hot Phase" in the ADAC GT Masters has The GT3 maternal organization sro severely punished the Corvette C7 GT3-R. While all other vehicles of the German GT championship receive a better classification on the Lausitzring, the Corvette must shut down and the BMW will be able to paint something.

"Since its founding more than 15 years ago, the junior promotion is an integral part of the Black-Falcon philosophy," says Black-Falcon Managing Director Alex Böhm. "Adam Christodoulou, Manuel Metzger and Tobias Müller are only three examples of the many drivers, which we were allowed to accompany together with our partners on the way to the professional racer."

"Noah, Florian and Hendrik convinced with the Cup MR for the previous season races. We are more than looking forward to the race and the first round of Porsche 911 GT3 R!"

for Black Falcon is the SP9 class no new territory. From 2010 to 2019, the team already drove with Audi and Mercedes Bolids on the Nordschleife for overall victories. The Mercedes AMG inserts were often done with factory support.

At the end of 2019, the GT3 offshoot was sold to Hubert's head, which has since crossed his own team in numerous GT3 racing series. The Black-Falcon Porsche may even be hitting the HRT-Mercedes for short or long.

Tested: 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo Zips to 180 MPH in 4920 Feet .
Although the junior Turbo is down on power to the Turbo S rocket ship, it delivers the same sensory overload. Unless you have test equipment on board, the lesser Turbo does the same thing to your synapses and inner ear but costs less. Select Sport mode and the launch-control programming holds the engine at 4000 rpm when you push the brake and the accelerator simultaneously. Hit the Sport Response button on the steering wheel and the tach needle rises another 1000 rpm. Breathe in, secure any phones or glasses or beverages, and release the brake while keeping the throttle pedal pinned.

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