Reviews: Marseille: the city indirectly condemned to pay nearly 500.000 euros at the OM

How many riders of the Tour

 How many riders of the Tour © provided by a runner has nevertheless been faster: Lance Armstrong, during the Tour 2005. Tadej Pogacar did not leave scratches to his opponents. If he ran the last counter-la-shows around Saint-Emilion with the handbrake to avoid any risk of fall, the Slovenian won the Tour de France with more than five minutes ahead of his most Near pursuing. A victory to which three steps are added, the jersey of best climber and the best young person.

The city of Marseille was condemned to pay nearly 500,000 to the OM for not having made available the vellodrome stage after the collapse of The scene for the Madonna trial, but it is Live Nation France which will have to pay the sum

Le toit de la scène du concert de Madonna prévu au Vélodrome s'est effondré, engendrant la mort de plusieurs ouvriers © Michel Gangne ​​/ AFP the roof of the stage of the Madonna concert planned by the velodrome collapsed, generating the death of several workers Case Madonna - The city of Marseille was ordered to pay nearly 500,000 to the OM for not having made available the vellodrome stadium after the collapse of the stage for the trial of Madonna, but it is Live Nation France which will have to pay the sum

the OM finally compensated. The Olympique de Marseille finally gained causing the Council of State, who sentenced the city of Marseille to pay him 461.887 euros. But as precise Provence , is in Live Nation France to fulfill this sum.

Two Players Nice Staff Marseille

 Two Players Nice Staff Marseille © Provided by Nice Marseille The Mediterranean derby between the OGC Nice and the Olympic of Marseille , the fence match of the 3rd day of Ligue 1, left traces. In a clean sense as in the figurative sense. By attest to the stigmas carried by Dimitri Payet , who received a bottle of water while it was about to pull a corner, Matteo Guendouzi and Luan Peres , affected by the throat.

This case goes back in August 2009, at the Olympian Club had not been able to play his first match of the home season, forcing him to relocate to Montpellier, for lack of a signed agreement with the city. A few weeks ago, the scene installed for the Madonna concert had collapsed, causing the death of two workers. The Velodrome stadium had been blocked for the purposes of the survey.

Live Nation France will have to pay

if four members of the organization as well as the American turner, had been convicted for homicide and involuntary injuries, the OM had been first dismissed by the Administrative Court and the Administrative Court of Appeal in This component. It was finally the Council of State, the highest court, who had broken these decisions a first time in 2019.

Sport aid: Around 500,000 euros for Paralymp medal winner

 Sport aid: Around 500,000 euros for Paralymp medal winner The German sports aid pours premiums of around 500,000 euros to the medal winners of Paralympics in Tokyo. For gold in Tokyo, there were 20,000 euros, silver and bronze were rewarded with 15,000 or 10,000 euros. The Team D Paralympics with 134 athletes (plus three guides) brought 43 medals, of which 13 times gold, 12 times silver and 18 times bronze. © Charly Triballeau Markus Rehm and Co.

he finally decided that "the Live Nation France company will guarantee the municipality of Marseille of the total amount of convictions Pronounced against him, "according to the regional daily.

companyMort de Bernard Tapie: Funerals will take place Friday at 11 am to Major de Marseille Society of Bernard Tapie: "I could not stay in front of the TV", on the branch of the velodrome, the tribute of the Marseille at the "boss »

Marseille. The murderers of Rudy, 15 years, sentenced to perpetual prison .
© Thierry hollow / West-France The two convicts have announced their intention to appeal this verdict. The two men, aged 28 and 26, were sentenced on Friday at the perpetuity criminal imprisonment. The Bouches-du-Rhône Assize Court found them guilty of Rudy's 2016 execution, 15, on the background of drug wars for the control of outlets in Marseille.

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