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Reviews: Alfa Romeo: But still a chance for Oscar Piastri?

penalty hail against Alfa Romeo at Hungary weekend

 penalty hail against Alfa Romeo at Hungary weekend © Motorsport Images Both Kimi Räikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi were punished in Hungary The Alfa Romeo-based Formula 1 Team Alfa Romeo has conceded several penalties on the Hungary weekend. in the race there was a ten-second time penalty against Kimi Raikkonen. Reason: When pit stop on the restart after to the StartCrash you had sent the car of the Finn to unsuspected.

Fred Vasseur hat sich noch für keinen zweiten Fahrer für 2022 entschieden © Motorsport Images Fred Vasseur has not yet decided for 2022

with Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo has set itself on an experienced pilot for the Formula 1 season 2022. The place next to the Finn is still vacant. The team could hold on to Antonio Giovinazzi, who has been traveling for Alfa Romeo since 2019, or undertake a young talent, for example from the Formula 2.

There, the Australian Oscar Piastri leads the overall standings with two open season stations in front of Guanyu Zhou and Robert Schwarzman. Ferrari Pilot Charles Leclec holds him for a suitable candidate to get into Formula 1.

"He's a very talented driver. Of course, I look at all Formula 2 races, and he is incredibly constant, always there when it is needed. This is impressive. He definitely has the stuff in formula 1 to drive, "says Leclerc. "He should be in Formula 1, so I really hope he will be here very soon."

"Burn the round!" - Bottas ignores Mercedes statement

 Whether Valtteri Bottas in the World Cup fight will still become the precious helper of Lewis Hamilton? In the race in Zandvoort, the Finn ignores at least one statement. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff finds it "a little cheeky". © Provided by "Burn the Round!" - Bottas ignores Mercedes statement If someone still needed a definitive proof for the Sport1 message on Tuesday about which from Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes , probably got him delivered to Zandvoort in the race.

Montoya: According to Formula 2 title a vacuum

threatens as part of Renault Sport Academy would be possible for him at Alpine 2022 only the role of the substitute driver. Alfa-Romeo team boss Fred Vasseur, still closely linked to Renault, could help to help. After all, he wants to let himself be awarded another year in Formula 2 for the own Ziengling Theo Pourchaire.

This is regulations only if the driver is not overall winner. The Krux: "The next two races take place only in December. We can not predict who Master will," emphasize Vasseur opposite 'Auto engine and sport'.

for the one that brings the title then the question arises: Where, if it does not work with Formula 1? The problem also sees Ex-Formula 1-Juan Pablo Montoya: "If you look at Piastri this year, then in the first year he won everything he could win, even in the last few years."

1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal Is A Rare Sight

  1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal Is A Rare Sight Rarely seen in the United States, this rare classic Alfa Romeo Montreal can be yours. Marcello Gandini with the Carrozzeria Bertone introduced the Alfa Romeo Montreal to the public in 1967 at the Expo 67 World’s Fair in Montreal, Canada. The public gave the model a great reception and so the automaker made it a production model. Once it did go into production, only 3,925 were made, and of those, only 100 made it to North America. Examples like this model are extremely rare to find in the U.S.

"And if you come into Formula 2 and everything wins, you can not go any more. If you have no good contacts in the US, what should you do then? Sitting at home for a year and hope you get something? That's not easy. This sport is difficult, "stops Montoya at ''.

LECLERC: Not every champion should climb

to close that the Formula 2 champion should always be carried into Formula 1, LECLERC stops for wrong: "I would not see automatism in it. You win the formula 2 and go In the formula 1, that would not be fair in some cases. "

"But I think it's pretty clear if a driver deserves it - as with Oscar, which the Formula 2 can gain immediately in his first year. And that has been the case with other drivers. I do not think that there must be a rule for this. In most cases, it is quite obvious. "

Whether Piastri actually gets preference in the end remains to be seen. The selection of young drivers is great. Some, like the Chinese Zhou, also bring a million-heavy dowry - in a sport like formula 1 no insignificant argument.

Nino Vaccarella (1933-2021): Memories of the "Racing Rector"

 Nino Vaccarella (1933-2021): Memories of the © Motorsport Images Nino Vaccarella has died at the age of 88 in his homeland Sicily The Italian sports car pilot Nino Vaccarella died at the age of 88 years. The Italian belonged to the most successful sports car drivers in his time in the 1960s and 70s. It is known mainly for its three victories at Targa Florio, at which he triggered a rarely seen local patriotism in the population. The name of the Sicilian was to read during the race on each house wall.

"The truth is: The sport has always been expensive. He was already expensive when I started. If I had no people who had supported me, then I could not have practiced this sport," emphasizes Sebastian Vettel . "Now it's probably worse, because it has become more expensive."

Vettel warns: Young drivers are not allowed to remeach

But the German sees another problem. "I think it has become too professional. I'm not sure if you can undo that. So I mean: Formula 1 is too professional. You always try to achieve perfection. In this regard you can not go back" , Mirmes Vettel.

"But the children have to deal with much more things when I was then when I drove kart, I only cared for driving. They have to talk about set-up, data and details. It has become too professional What is great in terms of performance. But there are still children. "

later that was okay, Find Vettel. "Formula 1 can be professional. Since you have to come along with the many data. But you should not lose the childlike element and rob them of their childhood. They make something they love."

"They are competitive. I was in this phase. And it's very inspiring to see these children. But our commitment as adults is to give them the room to be themselves and not too fast to be too professional. "

at Hamilton resignation: What options Mercedes then would have .
© Motorsport Images When Lewis Hamilton should go, Valtteri Bottas would return? is Lewis Hamilton actually before a resignation? And what would that mean for Mercedes? These are questions that are inevitable after the recent media appearance of Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. "I hope that Lewis continues to race," he said, holding the speculation with it. Hamilton itself has no longer publicly evaluated after annoying over the management of Safety Car Phase at the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.

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