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Reviews: Carlos Sainz: Is P8 a success for Ferrari - or annoying?

"Hard to endure": Ferraris painful Monza defeat

 © Motorsport Images Square Two is not the result that Ferrari and AF Corse have hoped "That's the most disappointing second place I've ever had." - James Calado does not even try to find out. Ferrari has suffered a bitter defeat against Porsche at the home game in Monza. And that, though everything really had spoken for the jumping horse. "That's hard to accept. That was the race we really wanted to win. But Porsche seemed to have the certain extra," says a stunned Calado. "It was so tight.

Carlos Sainz im Ferrari SF21 auf Intermediate-Reifen im Rennen © Motorsport Images Carlos Sainz in Ferrari SF21 on intermediate tires in the race

Carlos Sainz knew before the weekend in Turkey, which would expect him at the Formula 1 race in Istanbul: a catch-up. Because Ferrari sent him with a new powertrain to the start, connected to a starting place penalty. And in the end P8 stands for Sainz in the Grand Prix - but is that a success or disappointment?

Sainz itself indicates, he "regret nothing". On the contrary: "It was a very positive day. We had a good pace and minimized the damage through the change of engine. That was the goal. This can not be disappointed with that."

He would also "not change" his starting position, but also install the new engine with the knowledge of after the race.

Binotto: That needs Carlos Sainz in the second half of the season with Ferrari

 Binotto: That needs Carlos Sainz in the second half of the season with Ferrari © Motorsport Images A smooth weekend lacks Carlos Sainz as a Ferrari pilot in his first half of the season as Ferrari pilot Carlos Sainz was able to the pace of his teammate Charles Leclerc Take well from the first race. In the overall standings, the Spaniard is in six three points before the middle class. Despite his impressive start in the new team, Sainz is missing. "What I expect from him in the second half, he, I believe, I already said," says Ferrari team boss Mattia Bombotto.

SAINZ: Why to be "short-sighted" in 2021

"I think it was the perfect race to take the punishment and then put a comeback," says Sainz. "Maybe I would have started in front without punishment and with the old engine and could have been able to mix more."

"In such a long season you have to consider all this differentiated: This is a development stage that gives us more power. So you have an advantage because the engine brings more power."

Therefore, the decision to use the engine update is to be classified in any case as "correct", so the Ferrari driver continues. "I had the opportunity to drive forward through the field."

What happened to the Ferrari pit stop

actually made Sainz in the race good progress. Only in a scene it clamped at Ferrari: In the pit stop in Round 36 Stand Sainz far too long, lost a total of 28.3 seconds in the pit lane almost five seconds on the competition.

Bad Timing and Missing Pace: Ferrari goes in Spa Baden

 Bad Timing and Missing Pace: Ferrari goes in Spa Baden © Motorsport Images Ferrari stayed in Spa under its own expectations In the rainy qualifying of Spa, Ferrari went to his own demands. Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclec separated both already in Q2 and could not use the circumstances for their own benefit. Leclerc became eleventh, Sainz landed two more places behind it. Through Valtteri Bottas's criminal offset, both have a place after all. "For the first time for a long time, I was already rain nowhere.

What had happened? Just behind Sainz, the overrunned Nikita Masepin was also bent to the tire change, but in a degraded distance for Sainz: Ferrari held Sainz after the stop at the parking space to drive through Masepin, and even later, when Masepin was long ago.

Ferrari team boss Mattia binotto pushes this to a technical error and says: "The pit stop itself is normal. The signal that it is completed but never came to the system. So there was a mistake in the manually triggered signal. We analyze. "

Despite the breakdown: Sainz is "driver of the day"

Sainz itself reacted indignantly in the moment, gesticulated several times towards the traffic light, which showed too long red. In retrospect, he says: "After a bad pit stop, you always ask yourself, what would?"

"It cost us a lot of time, with a six, seven rounds long behind Ocon. But you can quickly forget that. It was no day on which you should regret something."

or yet? Sainz saw the target in the race as a eighth exactly 4.3 seconds behind McLaren driver Lando Norris. This corresponds almost exactly the time he had also spent in the pit lane ...

Either way: The Formula 1 fans rewarded Sainz 'driving power in Istanbul with the choice for the "driver of the day", which the Spanish racer for the first time for himself decided. (Here the complete statistics on the choice of "driver of the day" retrieve!)

Ferrari after quality disappointment undecided: one or two stops? .
© Motorsport Images Carlos Sainz in Ferrari SF21 in Qatar 2021: He starts in the race on Medium Four times in a row Ferrari had placed with both cars in the top 10 of Formula 1- Startup Position . But in the Qualifying to the Qatar Grand Prix 2021 in Losail ( track the race in the free Formula 1 Liabticker! ) Cross this series. "That's a disappointment," says Ferrari sports director Laurent Mekies. "And we are still wondering why Charles [Leclerc] has not succeeded in better performance.

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