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Reviews: BMW launches series production of the «Tesla Fighter» i4

Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta 10 could roll out as early as next week

  Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta 10 could roll out as early as next week Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweets that Beta 10 of the company's driver-assistance software might only be a week away.The ambitiously named Tesla Full Self-Driving technology is not currently capable of actual full self-driving. Recently, at its AI Day event, Tesla demonstrated its progress towards full autonomy and gave us a peek behind the scenes at how it's working to speed up autonomous driving development. During the event, Musk was bullish that his tech would eventually be better than the average driver.

Three months after the electric SUV IX, BMW has also started the series production of the fully electric BMW i4. In the main plant, the first vehicle ran from the band. "We come straight into the niche, which also serves Tesla with his offer," says production board Milan Nedeljković.

Auf der Automesse in Barcelona wurde das Modell i4 bereits vorgestellt. © David Zorrakino / Europe Press / DPA The model I4 was already presented at the Automesse in Barcelona.

The fully electric I4 runs in Munich from the same band as the 3er and 4s with gasoline, diesel and hybrid drive. The vehicles differ mainly by the electric drive and the battery. In body construction, 90 percent of existing production facilities are also used for the I4.

2022 Tesla Model S Plaid Review: A New 1,020-HP Chapter in American Luxury

  2022 Tesla Model S Plaid Review: A New 1,020-HP Chapter in American Luxury 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid Review: A New 1,020-HP Chapter in American LuxuryIt doesn't matter if you're not a fan of electric cars. Heck, it doesn't even matter if you're not a fan of Elon Musk, or a yoke-style steering wheel, or a shifter that's strictly digital. The Model S Plaid is spacious, serenely comfortable, and requires very little effort to drive. In this sense, it achieves the three main pillars of what defines traditional American luxury.

of the 3er BMW is the most rising model of the Group. BMW sold around 390,000 cars of the 3rd and the derived 4 Series series this year until the end of September. Tesla is aimed at the same buyer groups with its fully electric model 3 and sold around 614,000 of these cars and the model Y derived from the same period. With a «Tesla fighter», automakers want to make a competition in the market for E-Cars industry pioneer Tesla.

new model enjoys "a certain priority"

"The start of the BMW i4 is a milestone for this work and its team on the way towards e-mobility," said Nedeljković. "From 2023, more than half of all vehicles from Munich has an electrified drive. The vast majority of it will be fully electrically motorized. » He did not do more detailed information on the targeted sales figures of the I4.

stolen on pressure from investors secrets? Tesla extends the action against Rivian from

 stolen on pressure from investors secrets? Tesla extends the action against Rivian from of the stock market candidate Rivian and the electric automatic Tesla provide a legal break exchange. After Tesla had filed a lawsuit against the competitors last year, the allegations were now tightened again. © Provided by Toru Yamanaka / AFP / Getty Images • Tesla sued Rivian 14 months ago • Action Exposed • Has Rivian Battery Technology Stolen? About 14 months ago, Electroautobauer Tesla has formulated serious accusations against the US competitor Rivian and sued it.

because of the bottlenecks in the semiconductor supply BMW expects to be able to sell approximately 80,000 cars less than in demand this year. But the I4 enjoys a certain priority in the Group of semiconductor care, emphasized the Munich plant manager Peter Weber.

So far, about 7000 employees in Munich build around 1000 cars of the 3-row and 4 series and 2000 gasoline and diesel engines every day. But at the end of the year, the production of the four-cylinder engines will be relocated to Hams-Hall in England and Steyr in Austria. The number of employees in engine construction in Munich already fell by 400 to 1000. At the latest 2024 the shift of Munich engine construction should be completed.

"We managed to integrate the vehicle into our existing production system during a running production," said plant manager Weber. The reconstruction cost 200 million euros.

competitor Tesla in view

"We will invest another 400 million to produce the" new class "in the mid-20s here," said Nedeljković. The next vehicle generation, the "new class" is geared to electric drives. The construction of these vehicles with new platform, new batteries and new software should start 2025 in the planned BMW plant in Hungary and then rolled out on all the works and model classes. In 2030, BMW wants to sell around three million cars, half of them completely electric. An outlet of the electro-pioneer I3 built in Leipzig since 2012 "is not an issue for us," said the production board and referred to the continued good demand.

with a view of the bodywork at Tesla said Nedeljković: "We do not go in such great aluminum parts." At the body, BMW high strength, minimal weight and good price are crucial.

BMW IX M60: New M-Model with 455 kW and 250 km / h .
bmw has presented a performance model of its technology carrier IX as part of the CES 2022. The BMW IX M60 offers a system performance of 455 kilowatts and a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The whole thing has its price. © bmw bmw ix m60. With the IX M60, the Bavarian Premium Car maker supplies the XDRIVE40 and BMW XDRIVE50 (Test) the now third and so far most powerful model variant of its luxury current. The global launch is planned for June 2022, the base price for Germany is 130.20

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