Reviews: BOP controversy in Bahrain: Porsche asks Ferrari-Pace in question

Porsche Share Deeper: Porsche Holding achieves billions profit - Action in the US

 Porsche Share Deeper: Porsche Holding achieves billions profit - Action in the US The Porsche Automobile Holding has earned significantly more in the first half of the year thanks to Volkswagen participation. © Provided by Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images As a result of Coronabeding high losses in the previous year, the Porsche SE again achieved a billion profit. At the outlook for the full year, the family holding recorded in the MDAX holds. The consolidated profit after taxes, according to Communication, was 2.46 billion euros after a minus of € 329 million in the

Porsche glaubt, Ferrari fährt bewusst nicht Vollgas © Motorsport Images Porsche believes, Ferrari deliberately does not full throttle

The BOP in the GTE-PRO class is in front of the Final Race of the WEC 2021 in Bahrain the big Zankapfel . FIA and ACO have returned half of the restrictions from the last weekend to Ferrari.

In front of the 6h Bahrain, the loading pressure of the Ferrari decreased by 0.08 bar and the tank by four liters. In the run-up to the 8h Bahrain, there was 0.04 bar and two liters back. This measure now ensures in the warehouse of Porsche for raised eyebrows.

Porsche: Ferrari has not shown the true pace

"We have analyzed all races based on timing data and facts and could find in the past races that Ferrari has not shown its true pace. Especially with the races in Spa and Monza have We doubt that they have shown their true performance, "says Porsches Wec-Manager Alexander Stehlig with 'Sportscar365' clear.

Formula 1 Technique: How the transmission has improved the Ferrari Aero

 Formula 1 Technique: How the transmission has improved the Ferrari Aero © Giorgio Piola Presentation of the gearbox in the current Ferrari SF21 in the season 2021 Lots of scope for further development existed not before the Formula 1 season 2021. And Above all, Ferrari hit ferrari: the traditional team had after a weak season 2020 every reason to make great changes on the racing car, but had a focus by regulations. Ferrari therefore decided to build a new gearbox. Ferrari wanted to hit two flies with one stone.

"We are based on facts, analyze the entire field by looking at the amateurs, the professionals and the LMP cars is a multi-dimensional thing. We have big doubts about what we have seen. But I can have myself Only support on our analysis. "

The 6h Bahrain was the Ferrari camp, which loudly complained about the changes in the BOP classification. was spoke of "unfair" measures that are "bad for the sport". In fact, FIA and ACO Rule Houses used the so-called Black Ball rule that allows them to manually intervene once a season in the automated BOP process.

The result: Ferrari presented a chance left last weekend. Calado / Pier Guidi and Molina / Serra rounded the Bahrain International Circuit in the formation flight, but came to the finish with a clear residue of 35 seconds on the two Porsches.

1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta Is An Impressive Design By Pininfarina

  1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta Is An Impressive Design By Pininfarina With coachwork by Scaglietti, this classic supercar has less than 30,000 miles and is ready for your collection. The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 was first seen by the world at the Paris show in 1968. It was introduced as a front-engined road car, and latest in the line of the Ferrari road cars. It was initially known as the 365 GTB/4 and eventually would become known as the Daytona later on. Examples like this 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta refuse to be ignored, and would make any classic Ferrari collector salivate.

that the control tribes have then responded and returned half of the performance taken to the Ferrari, so you're "unanimous" at Porsche, so stumbling. "But FIA / ACO have much more data than us. We respect that. From our point of view, and because of the facts and analyzes we have taken as the basis, we would have not changed anything."

FIA reacts to Porsche statements

At the same time, the lack of transparency in the BOP finding process: "FIA and ACO never explain the BOP changes. That's your right and we have a full understanding of it. At the end of the day we are always trusting On her. We have a good relationship. " You will push to Porsche 100 percent and give everything, promises stood.

While not at Ferrari did not comment on the BOP thing, the rule headers have a reaction to stealing versions. The technical director of the FIA, Xavier Mestelan Pinon, says, "The definition of the BOP is sophisticated and complex, as there are numerous parameters, while the performance references of races are evolving."

Mestelan Pinon excludes that political reasons play a role: "Each BOP decision is purely data-controlled, and there are no other factors as data that the BOP affects. The entire process is completely transparent to the competitors."

"Of course, the performance on the track is not completely dictated by the BOP. The BOP ensures equal opportunities, and the rest is with the competitors - ie the teams and the drivers." After two free training, the balance of power is only conditionally meaningful. In FT2, however, Ferrari had the nose in front against Porsche. It remains exciting, up and next to the route.

because of unclear rules: Ferrari is not testing in Fiorano with the previous year's car .
© Motorsport Images Whether Ferrari is allowed to drive with the SF21 in Fiorano, remained unclear shortly before the start of the test on the new Formula 1 season Ferrari this week a four-day test on its test track in Fiorano. In doing so, the previous year's car SF21 should be used, but shortly before the start of the test, the racing team had to change its original plans. The reason: It was not clear if you can actually use a car from the past year.

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