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Reviews: Porsche Protest dismissed in Bahrain! Ferrari remains for the time being GT world champion

Porsche Share Deeper: Porsche Holding achieves billions profit - Action in the US

 Porsche Share Deeper: Porsche Holding achieves billions profit - Action in the US The Porsche Automobile Holding has earned significantly more in the first half of the year thanks to Volkswagen participation. © Provided by Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images As a result of Coronabeding high losses in the previous year, the Porsche SE again achieved a billion profit. At the outlook for the full year, the family holding recorded in the MDAX holds. The consolidated profit after taxes, according to Communication, was 2.46 billion euros after a minus of € 329 million in the

Es bleibt dabei: Ferrari vor Porsche beim WEC-Finale in Bahrain © Motorsport Images It remains: Ferrari before Porsche at the WEC final in Bahrain

Porsche has not come through with his protest against Ferrari at the WEC final in Bahrain ! The stewards announced at night from Saturday to Sunday that they have rejected the protest of the Zuffenhausen.

Porsche had filed the protest after the Ferrari-Duo James Calado / Alessandro Pier Guidi had only taken the lead through a presumed launch of # 92 (Estre / Jani / Christensen) for twelve minutes before running. Michael Christensen could continue the journey after a short service life in the outlet zone of curve 14.

As a result, race master Eduardo Freitas was placed a place of space. Just when Pier Guidi wanted Christensen, this went to the box for a last splash. Pier Guidi came in a lap later and stayed at the exit just before Christensen. The Ferrari pilot then drove race and World Cup title home. In a Porsche success in the race, the Zuffenhausen had brought the World Cup crown.

Formula 1 Technique: How the transmission has improved the Ferrari Aero

 Formula 1 Technique: How the transmission has improved the Ferrari Aero © Giorgio Piola Presentation of the gearbox in the current Ferrari SF21 in the season 2021 Lots of scope for further development existed not before the Formula 1 season 2021. And Above all, Ferrari hit ferrari: the traditional team had after a weak season 2020 every reason to make great changes on the racing car, but had a focus by regulations. Ferrari therefore decided to build a new gearbox. Ferrari wanted to hit two flies with one stone.

So, Porsche establishes its Bahrain Protest

Porsche establishes his protest that Annex L, Chapter V, Article 2b of the International Sporting Code had not been complied with. Accordingly, they introduce race director Eduardo Freitas, pronounced the place of space unauthorized and without a message to the Stewards and then took back again.

The stewards did not follow this argument and showed the protest. In the verdict it says: "In fact, all decisions in connection with the incident between vehicle 51 and 92 in curve 14 were reported to the sports commissioners from the race director, examined by the sports commissioners and made in accordance with the race director."

"The incident was reported orally and with video proof. Consequently, the provisions of Annex L, Chapter V, Article 2b were complied with, and the sports commissioners will reject the protest."

1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta Is An Impressive Design By Pininfarina

  1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta Is An Impressive Design By Pininfarina With coachwork by Scaglietti, this classic supercar has less than 30,000 miles and is ready for your collection. The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 was first seen by the world at the Paris show in 1968. It was introduced as a front-engined road car, and latest in the line of the Ferrari road cars. It was initially known as the 365 GTB/4 and eventually would become known as the Daytona later on. Examples like this 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta refuse to be ignored, and would make any classic Ferrari collector salivate.

Porsche disappointed, appeal possible

at Porsche prevails after this decision on a cat mood. "It's a sad day for Porsche Motorsport," says the new motorsport boss Thomas Laudenbach in a press release. "Our competitor has turned over our leading vehicle and won this way. That by the race leaders a punishment pronounced and then returned again, we can not understand."

"We can not understand the decision of the race management," adds WEC operator Alexander Stehlig. "First, it was said that the two leading cars had to swap the places after contact - our Porsche would be advanced back to the top. A little later, the race line pulled back this announcement during a pit stop of our number 92. So we were able to do our goals despite one Do not reach fair and open struggle. That's why we've filed protest. "

Against the decision of the Stewards, Porsche can now appease in accordance with the sporting WEC regulations, the international sporting code and the FIA ​​Right Care and Disciplinary Order.

because of unclear rules: Ferrari is not testing in Fiorano with the previous year's car .
© Motorsport Images Whether Ferrari is allowed to drive with the SF21 in Fiorano, remained unclear shortly before the start of the test on the new Formula 1 season Ferrari this week a four-day test on its test track in Fiorano. In doing so, the previous year's car SF21 should be used, but shortly before the start of the test, the racing team had to change its original plans. The reason: It was not clear if you can actually use a car from the past year.

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