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Reviews: Ferrari teamorder in Mexico: came the place exchanger too late?

Formula 1 Technique: How the transmission has improved the Ferrari Aero

 Formula 1 Technique: How the transmission has improved the Ferrari Aero © Giorgio Piola Presentation of the gearbox in the current Ferrari SF21 in the season 2021 Lots of scope for further development existed not before the Formula 1 season 2021. And Above all, Ferrari hit ferrari: the traditional team had after a weak season 2020 every reason to make great changes on the racing car, but had a focus by regulations. Ferrari therefore decided to build a new gearbox. Ferrari wanted to hit two flies with one stone.

Hat sich Ferrari bei der Teamorder in Mexiko zu viel Zeit gelassen? © Motorsport Images Has Ferrari left too much time in the teamorder in Mexico?

The two Ferrari pilots Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclec proved the Mexico Grand Prix of the Formula 1 team spirit, but despite an teamorder , Sainz did not manage to grab Alphatauri pilot Pierre Gasly. During the race, it seemed that LECLERC had his Spanish teammates with delay only with delay and that lost time was might be crucial. But that's how it apparently was not.

"I had no problem," says Leclerc clearly. On the contrary, the strategy had even been discussed in this way before the race. Even team boss Mattia Binotto explained the considerations in the aftermath.

because of Mercedes engine suspicion: Ferrari criticizes double morale

 because of Mercedes engine suspicion: Ferrari criticizes double morale © Motorsport Images Mattia Binotto felt in Formula 1 a certain double moral in the course of the recent topic for alleged tricks of Mercedes in engine cooling has shown Ferrari team boss Mattia binotto irritated, Why the topic generates significantly less attention than a very similar accusation against Scuderia in 2019.

So the driver, which lies directly behind Gasly on the track, come to the box to force the box to force the French change. The second Ferrari should stay outside and go to a shorter second stint to start the attack on Gasly at the end with fresher tires.

bad timing and good tires for the wrong time

Due to the starting positions, however, Ferrari had expected exchanged roles. Sainz was placed in the launch of Leclerc, but had to give this position after the events in Kurve 1. Thus, Leclerc was the chosen for the short first stint.

And it did not take long until Sainz closed after his stop on the fresher tire on his teammate. "I had a difficult first phase on the hard tire," describes Leclerc. So he got the statement of the team to let Sainz pull. That did not work immediately.

1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta Is An Impressive Design By Pininfarina

  1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta Is An Impressive Design By Pininfarina With coachwork by Scaglietti, this classic supercar has less than 30,000 miles and is ready for your collection. The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 was first seen by the world at the Paris show in 1968. It was introduced as a front-engined road car, and latest in the line of the Ferrari road cars. It was initially known as the 365 GTB/4 and eventually would become known as the Daytona later on. Examples like this 1971 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta refuse to be ignored, and would make any classic Ferrari collector salivate.

"When I got the announcement, the blue flags came to me and I had to pass on to Russell and Stroll. That's why we've been waiting for a lap and exactly in this one round, my front tires have recovered and I suddenly had a second faster Said the team, I should not give the position, but two laps later they have asked me and I did it, "he explains.

SAINZ: "Have two or three seconds lost"

have these three rounds Sainz's catching hunting at the end of the end to be the impossible mission? The Spaniard was at least not completely satisfied with the process. "I do not want to lie, I'll probably lost two or three seconds," the 27-year-old expects.

closer than on seven seconds, Sainz never came to Gasly, yet he wants a better process for the future. However, he also knows about the peculiarity of the situation at this moment.

"A position bar is probably the most difficult element in Formula 1 and we did it right. Yes, I lost time, but we'll see what we can do for the next time," says Sainz.

25 hp less! Ferrari rages over BoP change in WEC title fight

 25 hp less! Ferrari rages over BoP change in WEC title fight © Motorsport Images The AF Corse Ferraris suffered a drastic power reduction at the 6h Bahrain Large discussion in the paddock of Bahrain: The Ferrari 488 GTE Evo is before the doubles final of the long-range been World Championship (WEC) braked so that stimulates at AF Corse large displeasure. ( All information on the 6h Bahrain 2021 ) The Ferrari 488 GTE Evo travels since start of the season with a boost pressure of up to 1.81 bar for the 3.9-liter V8 turbo engine.

Sainz: Team comes first

Overall, he felt really comfortable in Mexico in the car. "I had a really good pace," he says. He even allowed him to protect his tires behind Gasly and Leclerc in the first stint. Had he could reach Gasly in LeclerC's position with this PACE? "That's impossible to say. Charles did a good job, but we will never know this answer," he says.

Instead of fourth place it was ranked six for the Spaniard, because even though he had driven out ahead of Leclerc for seven seconds just before the end of the year, he obeyed the game rules of the teamorder and let the mongels pull again. For Sainz, this action was a matter of course, after all, he was known as a team player.

"I do not know if I have to prove that again. I think I have shown that my entire career over and I feel comfortable," he clearly asks. "My experiences in Formula 1 showed me that there are two or three decisions in a whole season where the teamorder is going against you. And then there are two or three examples where you benefit," explains Sainz.

At Ferrari, the team thought is currently very important. "We have a clear number one priority, and that's the team. And second, the drivers come. That was a good example of two drivers rather rather for the team than for themselves," says Sainz. He is convinced: "If we were driven for ourselves, the race would have looked different."

because of unclear rules: Ferrari is not testing in Fiorano with the previous year's car .
© Motorsport Images Whether Ferrari is allowed to drive with the SF21 in Fiorano, remained unclear shortly before the start of the test on the new Formula 1 season Ferrari this week a four-day test on its test track in Fiorano. In doing so, the previous year's car SF21 should be used, but shortly before the start of the test, the racing team had to change its original plans. The reason: It was not clear if you can actually use a car from the past year.

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