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Reviews: in Israel, discovery of a Greek fortress dating from 2,100 years

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The structure would have been destroyed during the revolt of the maccabees, an important episode of the Jewish religion commemorated at the Hanouka party.

  En Israël, découverte d'une forteresse grecque datant de 2 100 ans © Provided by Franceinfo

Israeli archaeologists unveiled the rubble of an old Greek fortified structure dating from about 2,100 years "destroyed" during the maccabee revolt, Jewish rebellion in Judea against the Selectionicide Dynasty.

Excavation work has identified a 15-meter structure, with stone walls less than 3 meters high, a building belt about five meters high and divided into seven rooms, indicated The Israeli authority of antiques.

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Archaeologists have discovered weapons, calcined wooden beams and dozens of old coins, on the same site on a hill in the Lachish forest, at a seventy of Km south of Jerusalem.

a structure destroyed during the revolt of the maccabees

"it seems that we have discovered a building that was part of a line of fortifications created by the commanders of the Greek army, in order to protect the great Greek city of Maresha of An offensive of Hasmoneans ", Dynasties de Judea, indicated the directors of the excavations in a joint statement.

"However, the discoveries on the site show that the defense of the Seleucids (Greek dynasty then reigning on a vast portion of the Middle East) was not a success. The building was burned and destroyed by the Hasmonesian", do they add.

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These elements "show tangible evidence of Hanouka stories," they argue, one of the most important Jewish festivals celebrated this year from November 28th.

Maccabeed revolt led to Jerusalem's taking, the restoration of Jewish worship at the Temple of Jerusalem and the Hasmonean Dynasty that governed Judea up to about 40 AV. Now, the return to the Jewish ritual inside the temple, the most sacred place of Judaism, is precisely commemorated by the Jewish holiday of Hanouka.

Archaeological discoveries, the tools of claim

Archaeological searches remain a sensitive topic in Israel and in the Palestinian territories where the results of work are sometimes used by associations or parties to establish their demands on places of memory, from the disputed lands or Ancient stories.

The Israeli Construction Minister, Zeev Elkin, welcomed Tuesday of these impressive discoveries "who" prove "Hanouka's story.

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