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Reviews: missing Vettel's Aston Martin now Mercedes steam?

The 2022 Rivian R1T Is the Most Remarkable Pickup We’ve Ever Driven

  The 2022 Rivian R1T Is the Most Remarkable Pickup We’ve Ever Driven The 2022 Rivian R1T is the first mass-produced electric truck to hit the U.S. market, but that’s hardly the most interesting thing about it. Its electric powertrain notwithstanding, the R1T is unlike any pickup we’ve ever driven—part truck, part sport sedan, and 100 percent amazing. It’s been speculated that pickup buyers are too conservative to embrace electrification, but after our first drive in a pre-production Rivian R1T, both on-road and off-, we think this is the electric truck that will turn them into believers.

Lewis Hamilton Rast with a fresh Mercedes drive in the direction of title. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel fights with his Mercedes engine.

Fehlt Vettels Aston Martin jetzt schon Mercedes-Dampf? © Provided by missing Vettel's Aston Martin now Mercedes steam?

Sebastian Vettel could not be satisfied with eleven at the Grand Prix of Brazil .

In the meantime, the Aston Martin-Star was already ranked six, but lost by the virtual Safetycar but decisive seconds and was caught by Fernando Alonso's alpine. (Data: The Driver's Development of Formula 1)

Vettel's Conclusion: "In the end we were not fast enough today, because everything did not help."

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Mercedes: For Zandvoort only engines with lowest mileage

 Mercedes: For Zandvoort only engines with lowest mileage © Motorsport Images after the defect in Friday training: Lewis Hamilton and its Mercedes W12 equal two Mercedes drives have striked in Formula 1-Friday Training in Zandvoort : First, Aston rolled -Martin driver Sebastian Vettel with power loss , Later it also caught Lewis Hamilton from the Mercedes's work team. That's why the German brand now draws consequences. According to information of '', Mercedes recommended its customer teams Aston Martin, McLaren and Williams to buil

what also noticed: The Mercedes drive in the rear of Vettel's Aston Martin lacked steam on the chain. With 316 km / h, the Heppenheimer occupied the penultimate place at the Top Speed ​​Measurement (Speed ​​Trap). Only Nikita Mazepins Haas-Ferrari was even worse. Vettel was thus 20 km / h more slower than leader Carlos Sainz in Ferrari with revised hybrid system. (News: All current information on Formula 1)

Formula 1: Mercedes worries about shelf life

According to information from Sport1, this is a consequence of the Mercedes reliability issues this year. All (!) Mercedes pilots have at least their fourth combustion in the stern. Valtteri Bottas is already number six, Lewis Hamilton at number five.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is open to: the serial winner of recent years plagues concerns about durability. A topic that comes from 2019. The Viennese: "I think we were pretty strong in 2019 and then had a PowerUnit in 2020, which was at the very beginning, but perhaps something too strong has claimed. If you are constantly hunting for performance, sometimes the reliability remains on the track. And I guess that exactly what happened. " (Data: The Team Ranking of Formula 1 )

team boss to Vettel's future: "Do not have a plan B»

 team boss to Vettel's future: Aston Martins Team boss Otmar Szafnauer has waved doubts about further collaboration with Sebastian Vettel. © Antonio Calanni / AP / DPA Sits since the beginning of the season at the Aston-Martin Cockpit: Sebastian Vettel. Alleged tensions in the negotiations were "absolutely one hundred percent nonsense," assured the 57-year-old on the edge of the Formula 1 race in Italy. "We have no plan B. He has no plan B", reaffirmed Szafnauer.

Wolff also reveals that the power has dropped the more kilometers the unit on the hump. "We do not feel 100 percent well, as far as the reliability and degradation are concerned. However, what we certainly know is that we lose more performance the longer we drive. "That's why Lewis Hamilton has recently received a new engine in Brazil. The should also develop full performance in the last three GP.

Formula 1: Vettel has to protect the engine

at Vettel looks different. He had to learn Sport1, say his engine in Brazil and drive with correspondingly less performance. Reason: The aggregate comes from Austin and is already three races old. TeamKollege Lance Stroll got a race later in Mexico a new and thus a little more fresher aggregate.

(Data: The racing calendar of Formula 1) alone: ​​Swap the engine again, is likely to be difficult for Mercedes customers. For four teams (Mercedes, McLaren, Aston Martin and Williams), the motor forge in Brixworth this year works on the attack - and that with Corona-conditioning difficulties with the supply chains. It suits: The Hesse should have already been in Spa to get his fourth V6 turbo, but had to wait until the USA GP.

According to the Aston Martin-Star, there is nothing else in the upcoming race in Qatar, but as his engine to be caressed, while Lewis Hamilton rests with the latest expansion stage and full power on WM course.

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Lance Stroll analyzes Aston Martins Achillesferse in front of Abu Dhabi .
© Motorsport Images alone on Next Hallur: Aston Martin in Jidda The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix in Jeddah was for the Aston-Martin team around Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll No visit value. Both riders failed in the first qualifying section and also in the race you went empty. "Yes, it was a very hard weekend," Stroll now admitted in Abu Dhabi. "I think it was the hardest weekend of the season for us. We just did not have a pace, we were very slow, especially on the straight line.

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