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Reviews: tightens FIA the rear wing tests? - Red Bull threatens, Mercedes relaxed

"Burn the round!" - Bottas ignores Mercedes statement

 Whether Valtteri Bottas in the World Cup fight will still become the precious helper of Lewis Hamilton? In the race in Zandvoort, the Finn ignores at least one statement. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff finds it "a little cheeky". © Provided by "Burn the Round!" - Bottas ignores Mercedes statement If someone still needed a definitive proof for the Sport1 message on Tuesday about which from Valtteri Bottas at Mercedes , probably got him delivered to Zandvoort in the race.

It's been the same picture since a few races. Red Bull's engineers and the FIA ​​are in constant exchange. It's about the allegedly flexible rear wing at the Mercedes. Red Bull collects evidence to proceed against the World Cup rivals. Also on Saturday before the third training was spoken again. FIA Technical Chief Nicholas Tombazis marched at 11:45 local time in the Red Bull Hospitality.

  Verschärft FIA die Heckflügel-Tests? - Red Bull droht, Mercedes entspannt © Motorsport Images

In Qatar, Red Bull brought out a new proof. On the inside of the rear wing end plates of the Mercedes, traces can be seen on pictures. Something like scratches. These shouts are water on the mills of the challenger. Team boss Christian Horner spoke directly to his counterpart in the press conference. "How do you explain the grinding tracks on your wings?" Toto Wolff replied: "I think that's within what is allowed."

Mercedes Suspended V-8 Sales over 'Quality Issue,' AMG Boss Says

  Mercedes Suspended V-8 Sales over 'Quality Issue,' AMG Boss Says When the company pulled its V-8 models off the menu, it mentioned compliance and supply-chain issues. Now, AMG boss Philipp Schiemer says it was a quality issue. Reached for comment in August when the news first broke, a Mercedes-AMG spokesperson provided the following carefully parsed statement: "The Company’s prioritized focus to comply with various global, external and internal requirements, as well as several other factors, including but not limited to challenges in the supply chain, have an impact on the offering of the product portfolio in various markets.

Where do the grinding tracks come from?

in the camp of the World Champion you can see on the safe side. Red Bull threatens protest if nothing happened at least in Jeddah, so at the next Grand Prix. Mercedes kidnapped. "Shall you calm." Between the lines is even to be heard that Mercedes would be glad about a protest. Because it would finally come to a clarification, and the allegations are created from the room.

One is not afraid of a control. "I mean that we were already controlled 14 times in this season. So this special wings. The FIA ​​has all the drawings of it. This wing, from which Red Bull speaks, does not exist. We like to take him apart. You can take him apart , I also like to send one to Milton Keynes. " There Red Bull has his headquarters.

The engineers answer the question of the grinding marks as follows: "No tail wing is 100 percent static. That's not possible." It's hard to imagine that Mercedes consciously tricked. A company this caliber can not permit itself to pronounce an open invitation for a review, and then fail. The image damage would be too large as a blender.

2022 Mercedes EQS First Drive Review: This Is the Electric S-Class

  2022 Mercedes EQS First Drive Review: This Is the Electric S-Class 2022 Mercedes EQS First Drive Review: This Is the Electric S-ClassIt's also an adage I wish more people would live by because underneath every EQS-related story we publish are a bunch of snarky comments about its exterior styling. Turns out, my schoolteachers knew what they were talking about. Because after driving the EQS, I can confidently say that those who write this car off because its looks (admittedly reminiscent of a novelty computer mouse) are missing out. The EQS is an impeccably luxurious electric car and boasts one of the nicest interiors on the market right now. The fact that it drives nice and has good range is an added bonus.

New Tests Because of Mercedes Wings

Red Bull does not lark, no matter what the archrival says. Apparently, the team, which leads with Max stages leads the World Cup, successfully at the FIA ​​lobbyed. In the paddock is heard that the rule heads already prefabricated the ten teams. The technical directive, which was only introduced in the summer in response to allegedly too flexible rear wings - pushed from Mercedes to Red Bull - should be extended by a new passage with a special test. Specifically tailored to the complaint of Red Bull.

From the GP France, not only the flexibility was checked back, but also downwards. Now it should be read further, because there is a method to check an alleged trick like that of Mercedes. It should be so far from the GP Saudi Arabia. Red Bull wants to know that the Mercedes rear wing is bending downwards from a speed of 260 km / h. The main blade. Whether in a closed state or with DRS.

This would further enlarge the column between the main blade and Flap. Allowing DRS closed are only 10 millimeters. A wider opening lowers the air resistance, thereby increasing the topspeed. It works back and forth. Mercedes plays the ball back by referring to Red Bulls obvious problems with the DRS.

Also in Qatar, the team from Milton Keynes is polling back with damage to the rear wing. That's about since Zandvoort so. At Mercedes you ask yourself. "How can it be in the workouts and qualifying such difficulties, but not in the race? Why have you worked in the middle of the season on your wing, obviously to worse?" A distraction maneuver? Or not?

at Hamilton resignation: What options Mercedes then would have .
© Motorsport Images When Lewis Hamilton should go, Valtteri Bottas would return? is Lewis Hamilton actually before a resignation? And what would that mean for Mercedes? These are questions that are inevitable after the recent media appearance of Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. "I hope that Lewis continues to race," he said, holding the speculation with it. Hamilton itself has no longer publicly evaluated after annoying over the management of Safety Car Phase at the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.

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