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Reviews: Alfa Romeos Double-off in Q1: At the balance, it was not ...

Mercedes driver 2022: Is the decision already please?

 Mercedes driver 2022: Is the decision already please? © Motorsport Images Know George Russell (l.) And Valtteri Bottas already informed about their future? The Formula 1 world is waiting for the announcement of Mercedes, who will sitting in 2022 in the then again silver-colored bolides. Even during the nearly four-week summer break, at least officially no decision has fallen, most recently emphasized team boss Toto Wolff opposite the 'Bild' newspaper that he "did the topic in September".

Alfa Romeo team principal Frederic Vasseur believes it would have been “too risky” to promote Theo Pourchaire into Formula 1 for 2022, but is planning to give him FP1 appearances. It ended the hopes of Sauber junior Pourchaire - who also races in F2 and currently sits fifth in the championship in his rookie season - of making the leap up to F1 for next year. Speaking on Friday in Qatar, Alfa Romeo team boss Vasseur confirmed that Pourchaire would be remaining in F2 next season.

SYMBOLS THE ALFA ROMEO CODE SYSTEM Special coloured labels have been at- tached near or actually on some of the To further protect you car from theft, it components of your car. These labels has been fitted with an engine immo- bear symbols that remind you of the pre- bilising system. Page 41 In the same screen it is not possible to Start of journey procedure have displayed at the same time the (reset) same option at the top and at the bot- Trip A and Trip B reset are independent. tom of the screen.

So glänzend wie auf dem Fotos war die Leistung von Alfa Romeo nicht © Motorsport Images So shiny as in the photo was the performance of Alfa Romeo not

Alfa Romeo should still quiet hopes in the eighth place in the designer -WM have had a severe damper in Qatar ( Formula 1 2021 Live in the Ticker ) qualifying. Because the race stable was already in Q1 with both vehicles and stayed without chance. Three tenths of a second lacked Kimi Raikkonen (16th) on Q2, Antonio Giovinazzi (18th) two more.

"This was a disappointing result today, especially after some really promising achievements in the last races," it brings team boss Frederic Vasseur to the point. After excuses, the Frenchman is not looking for: "Unfortunately we did not have the pace to survive Q1," he says.

Ferrari team boss: Giovinazzi "deserves formula-1 cockpit" for 2022

 Ferrari team boss: Giovinazzi © Motorsport Images Antonio Giovinazzi: He is still under contract at Alfa Romeo, but what happens 2022? Only one cockpit is still available for the Formula 1 season 2022 : at Alfa Romeo. And his engine partners Ferrari has an interest in that his squadriver Antonio Giovinazzi continues to reach the steering wheel there. But Ferrari team boss Mattia binotto emphasizes: his brand has no talking right (more) at the cockpit allocation of Alfa Romeo.

Please disregard any features and equipment described in this manual that are not on this vehicle. FCA US LLC reserves the right to make changes in design and specifications, and/or make additions to or improve-ments to its products without imposing any obligation upon itself to install them on products Here you will find important information and warnings regarding the use of your vehicle, and how to achieve the best performance from the technical features of your Alfa Romeo . You are advised to read through the Owner’s Manual before taking it on the road for the first time. It is important to become

Alfa Romeo 155 – mid-size sedan, produced by the Italian company Alfa Romeo from 1992 to 1998. The main difference between the 155th and the 75th is the drive to the front wheels ( at the 75th rear). This positively affected the price and completeness of the car, but many admirers of the brand and the automobile press were concerned that the abandonment of the rear-wheel layout would eventually lead to a “blurring” of Alfa Romeo ’s sporting image, and the 155th was taken hostile.

The drivers themselves can hardly make a reproach: "It was not a bad round, and there was certainly nothing, what we could point with your finger," says Raikkonen. "The car was not bad, as far as the balance is concerned, but we were just not fast enough, and that reflects in the lap time."

Similar things also say Giovinazzi, who wants to have had the best feeling of the entire weekend in the car in qualifying. "But that was not enough for Q2," he hersow.

"It was not the easiest experience out there. We seemed to fight in training as well, but I had hoped for a better conclusion," says the Italian. "Instead, we start from the very back, on a route on which the backdrift and overtake not exactly simple."

and that makes life for Alfa Romeo pretty hard. Because positions make up, is hardly possible on the course. "But it's a new route, and with the strategy a lot can happen, especially when the route evolves," emphasizes Vasseur. "It will be a long race, and we will not give up before the fight is over."

The "Iceman" sees the topic as usual pragmatic: "It is not ideal to start so far back, but it's what we have, and we will try to improve ourselves," he says. "Overhaul will not be easy, but that's pretty much everywhere, where we drive, so let's see what comes out."

at Hamilton resignation: What options Mercedes then would have .
© Motorsport Images When Lewis Hamilton should go, Valtteri Bottas would return? is Lewis Hamilton actually before a resignation? And what would that mean for Mercedes? These are questions that are inevitable after the recent media appearance of Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. "I hope that Lewis continues to race," he said, holding the speculation with it. Hamilton itself has no longer publicly evaluated after annoying over the management of Safety Car Phase at the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.

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