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Reviews: High Demand: BMW plans additional layers for E-Auto I4

"Another driver hit" - BMW team cares about Tom Sykes

 © Motorsport Images Tom Sykes was after the fall in Kurve 1 a while unconscious on Sunday, both WSBK races in Barcelona had to be broken off. In the superpole race ( to the Rennberstahl ), a collision of Chaz Davies and Lucas Mahias provided an interruption. In run two ( to the Rennberstahl ), an incident from Tom Sykes and Lucas Mahia was the reason for red flags. Sykes lay on the track for minutes and was unconscious.

The car maker BMW wants to introduce additional layers in the Munich plant for the high demand for the fully electric Coupé i4.

Ende Oktober hat BMW die Serienproduktion des vollelektrischen BMW i4 gestartet. © Sven Hoppe / DPA At the end of October, BMW started the series production of the fully electric BMW I4.

about it now give talks with the works council, said a BMW spokeswoman on Wednesday. One possibility is, for example, to work in addition to the daily two layers from Monday to Friday on Saturday.

The "Wirtschaftswoche" reported, the waiting time for an ordered I4 is currently nine months. Therefore, BMW wants to introduce Saturday layers in Munich in the first quarter.

BMW speakers said the demand for the I4 was "higher than expected," the waiting times went to the second quarter of 2022. The production of the great coupe, which competes with the electric cars of Tesla, started at the end of October - a little earlier As originally planned. According to sales board Pieter Nota, in Europe, there is currently a significantly five-digit number of orders for the I4.

2023 VinFast VF e35 and VF e36 First Look: Vietnamese EVs

  2023 VinFast VF e35 and VF e36 First Look: Vietnamese EVs Nobody’s heard much from VinFast, the automotive arm of Vietnam’s largest listed company (Vingroup) since it unveiled a car and an SUV at the 2018 Paris Auto Show, each featuring Pininfarina redesigns of F10-generation BMW 5 Series and the F15 BMW X5 underpinnings. We paid attention because the company also announced plans to expand to North America with a VinFast electric car or two. At the recent Move America mobility conference in Austin Texas, VinFast chief service officer Craig Westbrook illuminated those plans in greater detail.

1000 Cars Daily in Munich

So far, around 1000 cars of the 3-row and 4 series are built every day in Munich. The fully electric I4 is now running from the same band as the 3s and 4s with gasoline, diesel and hybrid drive. The vehicles differ mainly by the electric drive and the battery.

Theoretically, the i4 could also be built in the BMW plant in Mexico, where also 3 people run from the tape. But in the short term, this is not feasible because of the necessary investments and employee training, there is no concrete plans, said a spokeswoman. But it is possible to create more capacity for the I4 in Munich by relocating 3-year orders to other locations.

of semiconductor bottlenecks is less affected the production of the new electric car: it enjoys the supply of "a certain priority" in the Group, as the Munich plant manager Peter Weber said at the start of production.

BMW creates despite chip crisis sales record .
Munich (Reuters) - BMW has sold significantly more cars despite the chip crisis in the 2021 car industry than in the first Corona year. © Reuters Archives: Logo of the German Luxury Car Manufacturer BMW in Munich, Germany, March 20, 2019. Reuters / Michael Dalder Sales of the Group to which in addition to the core brand BMW also includes mini, Rolls-Royce and motorcycles, rose by 8 , 4 percent to a good 2.5 million, as BMW announced on Wednesday.

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