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Reviews: explains: Why the second Mercedes protest was rejected!

Götz provides van der Linde bankruptcy: How much AMG team tactics was there?

 Götz provides van der Linde bankruptcy: How much AMG team tactics was there? © DTM Maximilian Götz In front of his Mercedes brand colleague Daniel Juncadella and other pursuers Maximilian Götz is slow and ends with a total of seven Mercedes AMG in front of Audi spear tip Kelvin van der Linde.

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) vor Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) in Abu Dhabi 2021 © Motorsport Images Max Max (Red Bull) in front of Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) in Abu Dhabi 2021

Max is Formula 1 World Champion 2021 after the Sports Commissaries of the Automobile World Association (FIA) The Second Mercedes Protest have dismissed after the race. Mercedes had a breach of Article 48.12 of the sporty regulations when the race is approached shortly before the race, but flashed - and has already appealed against the verdict.

Therefore, it remains (for the time being): Red-bull driver stipen is the winner of the Abu-Dhabi Grand Prix and thus the new Formula 1 world champion in the driving rank . The final confirmation of title win through the FIA However, it still stands out and can only be issued after the end of the appeal process.

2022 Mercedes EQS First Drive Review: This Is the Electric S-Class

  2022 Mercedes EQS First Drive Review: This Is the Electric S-Class 2022 Mercedes EQS First Drive Review: This Is the Electric S-ClassIt's also an adage I wish more people would live by because underneath every EQS-related story we publish are a bunch of snarky comments about its exterior styling. Turns out, my schoolteachers knew what they were talking about. Because after driving the EQS, I can confidently say that those who write this car off because its looks (admittedly reminiscent of a novelty computer mouse) are missing out. The EQS is an impeccably luxurious electric car and boasts one of the nicest interiors on the market right now. The fact that it drives nice and has good range is an added bonus.

Why the protest has ever been rejected? In principle, the protest is "permissible," explaining the sports commissaries in their judgment, but Article 15.3 of the athletic regulations give the FIA ​​race director to determine the higher-level authority to determine the posting of the safety cars and also over his deduction of the Racetrack.

The sports commissa clear that Article 48.12 has come to use "not completely", but also hold: "Article 48.13 overwrites that. Because once the message 'Safety-Car drives in this round has appeared to the box" The Safety Car at the end of the relevant round also drive to the box. "

Mercedes has turned on when the regulations had been made according to Article 48.12 follow, the Safety Car could only turn back in the last race round. And with that Lewis Hamilton won the race. Mercedes therefore demanded an adaptation of the results with reference to Article 11.9.3.H of the International Sport Code of the FIA. It stands: The sports commiss can adapt the result.

Mercedes Optimistic: If that was a bad race ...

 Mercedes Optimistic: If that was a bad race ... © Motorsport Images Mercedes sees himself opposite Red Bull in a good position despite the defeat on the actual parade track in Austin travels Mercedes with a positive feeling further to the coming formula 1 race in Mexico and beyond. The reason for this is the rising form curve of the past race weekends. "We are not just looking at this weekend, but on the past few weekends," says Mercedes-Chefingenieur Andrew Shovlin.

Mercedes has concretely expressed the desire to evaluate the race with the completion of the penultimate lap. Also on this, the sports commiss responded, accordingly: "The accumulation of a subsequent reduction of RenDistance and would not be appropriate. Therefore, the protest is rejected."

The other Mercedes protest against Max stages had already dismissed the sports commissioners before. It was about a possible overtaking maneuver of stages against Hamilton before the end of the safety car phase. The sports commiss but did not recognize a rule violation. (Retail here Details! )

"Brand Finance Global Report": These are the most valuable brands of Germany .
Mercedes-Benz is the most valuable German brand 2022. This gave the report "Brand Finance Global 500 2022", in which the 500 most valuable and strongest brands of the world are determined annually will. With place 15 Mercedes-Benz introduces the ranking of the most valuable German brands, followed closely by Deutsche Telekom in Rance 17 with a fabulous growth of more than 50% since 2020. Porsche is the strongest among the German brands listed in the Global 500 .

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