Reviews: at Hamilton resignation: What options Mercedes then would have

Hamilton world champion by collision? "I would never want to win!"

 Hamilton world champion by collision? © Motorsport Images Lewis Hamilton wants to stip the hand rich of the World Cup fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Stapen takes on dramatics, which continues the season progresses - and no one knows, in which highlight you ends. The collisions in Silverstone and in Monza may have given a taste of what could still expect us. For now both seem in the tight duel - Hamilton only two points in front - no compromises to enter. That was different at the beginning of the season.

Wenn Lewis Hamilton gehen sollte, würde Valtteri Bottas dann zurückkehren? © Motorsport Images When Lewis Hamilton should go, Valtteri Bottas would return?

is Lewis Hamilton actually before a resignation? And what would that mean for Mercedes? These are questions that are inevitable after the recent media appearance of Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. "I hope that Lewis continues to race," he said, holding the speculation with it.

Hamilton itself has no longer publicly evaluated after annoying over the management of Safety Car Phase at the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. The Mercedes pilot dashed the FIA ​​Gala in Paris. His absence is examined by the World Association as a possible violation of the Formula 1 sports regulations.

Mercedes Optimistic: If that was a bad race ...

 Mercedes Optimistic: If that was a bad race ... © Motorsport Images Mercedes sees himself opposite Red Bull in a good position despite the defeat on the actual parade track in Austin travels Mercedes with a positive feeling further to the coming formula 1 race in Mexico and beyond. The reason for this is the rising form curve of the past race weekends. "We are not just looking at this weekend, but on the past few weekends," says Mercedes-Chefingenieur Andrew Shovlin.

, however, Hamilton appeared last Friday at the festivities for the eighth Constructor Championship of Mercedes in Brackley and Brixworth, saying goodbye to Team Valtteri Bottas. What he discussed there with him and the employees, but there was nothing outward.

Who follows Hamilton if he should stop?

While Max stappen already expressed his hope that Hamilton has enough drive and motivation to come back and fight for his eighth title, there is no guarantee that happens - which causes mercedes potential headaches if the unthinkable happens .

Since all top drivers are contractually bound by 2022, the absence of Hamilton in the Formula 1 starting posing would probably trigger a remarkable mini "Silly Season" and Wolff's Telephone Permanent Calls.

Mercedes remains optimistic: "In this sport, everything can happen!"

 Mercedes remains optimistic: © Motorsport Images So scarce, as it looks like it was not in Mexico After the qualification on Saturday, Mercedes had briefly dreamed of victory in Mexico, but the dream was quickly dreamed after the failed start. After that, the silver arrows had to realize that against Max stapping no herb had grown : "You have to congratulate Red Bull, because your pace was in another league," MotorsportChef Toto Wolff must admit.

With the relatively young George Russell in one of his cars, Mercedes would certainly not risk getting someone without great experience to his side - even if the formula E-Stars Nyck de Vries and Stoffel Vandoorne, who are under contract anyway at Mercedes, could be relatively easy.

from the experienced pilots, which are not contractually bound by 2022, Kimi Räikkönen would certainly like to return to Formula 1 after his resignation. But Nico Hülkenberg would possibly be an avoidance solution - even short term.

could ESTEBAN OCON be brought by Alpine?

is most likely but Mercedes decides in the case of cases for a known size in the current starting position that has experience and speed. This results in two clear options. The first means Esteban Ocon.

One could try to negotiate with alpine to get the former Mercedes young pilot from his contract and get to Brackley. Ocon has shown a very strong season 2022, won his first race in Hungary and is well known Mercedes, as he has tested many times for the team.

missing Vettel's Aston Martin now Mercedes steam?

 missing Vettel's Aston Martin now Mercedes steam? Lewis Hamilton Rast with a fresh Mercedes drive in the direction of title. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel fights with his Mercedes engine. © Provided by missing Vettel's Aston Martin now Mercedes steam? Sebastian Vettel could not be satisfied with eleven at the Grand Prix of Brazil . In the meantime, the Aston Martin-Star was already ranked six, but lost by the virtual Safetycar but decisive seconds and was caught by Fernando Alonso's alpine.

A change from Ocon to Mercedes would also make a place in Enstone free, which the team could immediately fill with Rookie Oscar Piastri. The excellent formula 2 season of the Australian, which he crowned at his first attempt with the title, shows that he has the necessary talent to shine in Formula 1.

But Alpine has invested a lot in Ocon and knows how strong he can be. The long-term future of the team revolves more about him than Fernando Alonso, whose contract expires at the end of 2022. The opportunities for a change from OCON are therefore low.

Instead, the most obvious solution for Mercedes - and those who could be attractive to all stakeholders could be that the team returns to the man from which it has just passed, namely Valtteri Bottas.

What Valtteri Bottas' Return would speak

of the Finn has signed a long-term contract with Alfa Romeo and gave his debut for the team at the post-season test in Abu Dhabi. However, since he has more experience with Mercedes than any other and instantly could build where he stopped without having to work in, he would be the most logical choice.

Of course you would have to agree with Alfa Romeo, but its team boss Frederic Vasseur and Wolff are very well friend. They even lived together. And Alfa Romeo could be open for a kind of financial compensation as a transitional solution.

Besides, an advantage that the team would have been when it would have to find a substitute that his ex driver Antonio Giovinazzi 2021 would be relatively easy to retrieve. Since Giovinazzi is closely linked to Ferrari, you would certainly be pleased in Maranello if the Italian would get another chance in Formula 1.

Of course, in Formula 1 does not always happen what is logical. But in the event that Hamilton goes, Mercedes has at least a reasonable solution on the table, which could definitely work to come at least by 2022.

"Tax refugee": Horner etches against Mercedes-Boss .
between Red Bull Team Chief Christian Horner and Mercedes-Boss Toto Wolff always fly the poison arrows. Now the Brite refers to the Austrian as a "tax refugee". © Provided by "Tax refugee": Horner etches against Mercedes-Boss Whether Red-Bull team boss Christian Horner and his Mercedes-opposite Toto Wolff are still friends? Hardly likely! in an interview horner compared with his counterparty and shared it vigorously.

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