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Reviews: Tall Herbs (Arte) Should the mini-series with Emmanuelle Devos?

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Emmanuelle Devos is on the poster of the mini-series the tall grass to discover tonight on Arte. What about criticism?

Emmanuelle Devos est à l'affiche de la mini-série Les Hautes Herbes à découvrir ce soir sur Arte. Qu'en a pensé la critique ? © Image & Company Emmanuelle Devos is the poster of the mini series the tall grass to discover tonight on Arte. What about criticism?

A summer, in the Tourangelle countryside, Lucille and Glenn, a young couple, welcome Jules, 10 years old, whose mother has just been hospitalized as a result of a serious road accident. Fascinated by the sweet and loving Lucille, the young boy takes his marks in a village where the tensions deafen. Adults seem prisoners of their anger, jealousy and frustration. While the recent closure of a plant flestizes the resentment of some people, Mounir, a young seasonal, disappears. Eve, who had encountered him fortuitously, worries him, but seems to be the only ...

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Low season (Arte) What is the telefilm with Emmanuelle Devos?

Gallery: These 10 actors who have defeated their greatest fears for a film (Gentside)

La célèbre actrice connue notamment pour son rôle dans Kill Bill a dû vaincre sa claustrophobie pour réaliser une scène où elle est enterrée, vivante dans un cercueil. L'actrice de 51 ans a également confié que cette scène était la plus compliquée à tourner du film.

ARTE program tonight the tall grass, a mini-series looks signed by Jérôme Bonnell. At the casting we find Emmanuelle Devos (on my lips), Louise Chevillotte (the event), Jonathan Couzinié (the heroes never die), Antonin slipoy, India Hair (Camille Redouble), Lazare Gousseau ... So we look? Verdict!

The answer is yes for TV 7 days: "originally planned for the cinema, this series intrigue with its singular tone, its gags and the hurler side of its characters, but at the same time happens to turn into a rural thriller. As if David Lynch and the Monty Python had gambled to concert this atypical mini-series ". For the Parisian: "Jérôme Bonnell takes the time - a little too much - to make live his characters. More intimate drama that Thriller, this mini-series in three episodes plunges us into a world of silence and non-so-called". At Téléloisirs: "With his sons of intrigue that do not seem to cross, this implementation may be a little bit of force in the eyes of certain spectators, accustomed to more suspense. But this first episode reaches, thanks to his Characters, its distribution and mysterious tone to make very want to see more ". Good pick up for allociné: "Strange object quite difficult to define, the tall grass is one of the beautiful surprises of this beginning of the year 2022, which proves once again that Arte dares to take risks and knows how to stand out from this What other French chains offer. Bonnell's series of Jérôme Bonnell really does not have a formatted and expected thriller ".


TV 7 Days: Well (2/4)

The Parisian: Good (3/5)

Téléloisirs: Medium (2/5)

Tall Herbs: Thursday, January 6 at 8:55 pm on Arte

Sarah Ibri

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