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Reviews: This Tech-ETF is better and cheaper than the MSCI World

Daimler quarter numbers: As high, sales and profit from Daimler could fail in Q3

 Daimler quarter numbers: As high, sales and profit from Daimler could fail in Q3 On October 29, 2021 Daimler introduces the balance sheet for the third quarter. Find here the current quarterly figures, previous year's comparisons and sales forecasts. © DPA can be found here the current quarter numbers of Daimler at a glance. The most important to the quarterly numbers of Daimler Daimler achieved sales of 43.5 billion euros in Q2 2021. Analysts expect in Q3 with sales of around 38 billion euros - that would be about six percent less than in the previous year.

  Dieser Tech-ETF ist besser und günstiger als der MSCI World © Provided by The Motley Fool, Inc

the start of the new year could be celebrated with a fresh investment in the super broad scattered MSCI World Index. That would be no big deal. One must only decide for a suitable ETF (Exchange-traded fund).

Some ETFs of the Variety MSCI World have higher fees. Others, in turn, save themselves the physical purchase of the shares listed in the index.

But is the MSCI WORLD now the right choice? In the last few weeks, a lot has happened in the ETF universe. Among other things, the Wisdomtree Cloud Computing Ucits ETF USD ACC (WKN: A2PQVE) suddenly a real bargain.

in the MSCI World govern the tech shares

An ETF Rimfully with Tech shares does not seem to be the best idea right now. Right and left the courses of Tech shares tumble.

Bitcoin: a tracker (ETF) will land on the Wall Street

 Bitcoin: a tracker (ETF) will land on the Wall Street © Pixabay Bitcoin: a tracker (ETF) will land on the Wall Street Stock Exchange for the first time in its history, the Wall Street Stock Exchange will accommodate an indirectly individually linked to Bitcoin. Bitcoin will make a historic entry, by the small door, to the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday with the launch of an ETF investment fund, linked to the evolution of the popular digital currency, listed for the first time to Wall Street.

The MSCI World keeps pretty good. The price of a corresponding ETF still ranks near the 52-week high (stand for this number and all other numbers: 07.01.2021).

Since the World Investor has shown the tech investor again, where it goes long! Or not?

If you look closely, you quickly look that the MSCI World is a true tech ETF. The top 8 positions deserve your money all more or less with software, cloud and electronics.

A parallel world with ingenious opportunities

Those tech elite has a share of around 18% of the MSCI World. So not enough to completely demolish the index in a tech crash. But not enough to make the index properly lift off correctly.

The difference was clearly recognizable in the year of tech shares. The year 2020 ended the MSCI World with a mediocre plus of 6%. The cloud computing ETF of Wisdomtree, however, was able to celebrate a fantastic plus of 91%.

Harley-Davidson Inc (HOG) Q3 2021 Earnings Call Transcript

  Harley-Davidson Inc (HOG) Q3 2021 Earnings Call Transcript HOG earnings call for the period ending September 26, 2021.Q3 2021 Earnings Call

Meanwhile, the Tech-ETF scratches from Wisdomtree on 52-week deep. Thus, tech investors currently live in a really favorable parallel world. From such prices, the MSCI World Investor can only dream of all-time high.

Tech shares are better and cheaper - you do not have to know more!

Yes, Tech shares are currently cheaper than a basket with all the shares in the world. But are they better?

In my eyes, is a good share a Tech share. In short: people and technology forms an artificial organism that generates products and services.

150 years ago, railways came out. 100 years ago there were automobiles. Today it is cloud and software products.

Again 20 years ago, the MSCI World Index looked completely different. If I had ever told me that among the top 10 positions of 2022, a majority in software development worked, I would have cordially laughed.

If all shares are basically tech shares - why not buy an ETF who has seen the most recent technologies? I see it that way: Cloud computing is currently not only the absolutely better choice, but also outrageously favorable. This is the matter for me.

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