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Reviews: Tesla share predominantly fertilizer: Tesla with record numbers in China

Record profits for Tesla in the third quarter

 Record profits for Tesla in the third quarter © Tesla Record profits for Tesla in the third quarter The turnover of the company reached $ 13.76 billion, up 57% and above the forecasts of analysts. Tesla continues to break records. The manufacturer of electric vehicles announced, Wednesday, October 20, having multiplied by more than four net profit in the third quarter thanks to a strong increase in sales. The company had already announced having delivered a record number of 241,300 vehicles over the period.

For the Electroautobauer Tesla, the transactions in China were apparently outstanding in December.

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• Tesla with strong december sales

• Monatskord reaches

• Strong competition in the region

data of the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) has the US Group, the US Group has Tesla in December 70.847 vehicles manufactured in China sold - more than ever before in a month, since the production started in the factory in Shanghai 2019.

Sales figures Triplecom

Compared to December 2020, Tesla was able to triple his sales figures in China, even at the previous month of November, with an increase of 34 percent, a strong increase in booking. According to

Hertz Buying 100,000 Teslas in $4.2 Billion Deal, Making EVs 20 Percent of Its Fleet

  Hertz Buying 100,000 Teslas in $4.2 Billion Deal, Making EVs 20 Percent of Its Fleet Rental-car giant to start rolling out Tesla Model 3s early next month and will provide customers free charging at Tesla stations through February 2022. Rental giant Hertz announced this morning that it is ordering 100,000 Tesla Model 3 EVs, giving it "the largest EV rental fleet in North America" and making EVs 20 percent of the Hertz fleet.Hertz promised that customers will start to find Tesla Model 3 cars at some locations in the U.S. and Europe starting in early November. The full 100,000-car order is expected to be fulfilled by the end of 2022.

calculations of Reuters, the electric autobeuer should have brought at least 473,078 vehicles under Volk in China in China alone in China alone - thus sold around half of the generally produced in the Group EVS in the region.

in Teslas China plant run the mass market vehicle Model 3 and the Model Y from the tape. The car manufacturer also produces vehicles for export in the country. TU LE, MANAGING Director of Sino Auto Insights in Beijing, said that December numbers showed that the Tesla brand remained strong in China and was also "impressive" operations, as the factory in Shanghai has a capacity of averaging about 42,000 vehicles per month have. "In December, they were far above this number. And despite the chip and battery shortage, with which other manufacturers of electric vehicles had to fight."

Tesla FSD 'issues' in 10.3 update result in rollback, before apparent fix

  Tesla FSD 'issues' in 10.3 update result in rollback, before apparent fix Tesla attempted to update its driver-assist system beta software, but it apparently caused a lot of trouble for the company and drivers.According to Tesla owners on social media, cars were opting out of various active safety features, such as automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning without the driver's input. In addition, other drivers mentioned issues with the forward collision warning blaring without any immediate danger in sight. Perhaps worst of all, Teslas began applying the brakes for no reason whatsoever, according to other social media reports.

Strong Competition in China

In China, the US Group faces strong competitors. In addition to BYD , which has a financially strong investor on board with Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway , Nio , Xpeng and Li Auto are also enhanced around electric car customers in the region. The German carmaker Volkswagen also mixes in wrestling around Chinese EV customers.

The Tesla share ended the Tuesday trading at the NASDAQ 0.59 percent higher at $ 1,064.40. In the last three months, the Tesla share has increased approximately one third. In the predominant Wednesday trading, it is time for 0.40 percent up to 1,069,00 US dollars.


Tesla share: Tesla vehicles from German plant with quality defects? .
The production in Teslas first European work takes on ride. But buyers of the early models are obviously not satisfied with the quality. © Provided by Peter Bischoff / Getty Images • First Tesla vehicles from greenhide convince qualitatively not complete • Buyers take cosmetic defects in the visor • Musk advises from purchase during production skating from after about two years of construction The Tesla factory in Grünheide at Berlin in March officially opened .

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