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Reviews: Tony Martin: Final with second (E) violin

Aston Martin wants to win 2023 - Vettel then?

 Aston Martin wants to win 2023 - Vettel then? © Motorsport Images Sebastian Vettel and Otmar Szafnauer Optimistic in Aston Martins Future from official communication by Aston Martin does not show exactly how long the contract with Sebastian Vettel is running. In 2022, the four-time world champion will definitely go for the team, but win the race, at least the secret timetable of owners Lawrence Stroll and team boss Otmar Szafnauer, Aston Martin may only be 2023.

He has more Black Sabbath albums as Ronnie James Dio - Nevertheless, the band's contribution by Tony Martin likes to sweep under the table.

  Tony Martin: Schluss mit zweiter (E-)Geige © Provided by

He has more Black Sabbath albums as Ronnie James Dio - Nevertheless, the band's contribution by Tony Martin is welcome under the table.

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The singer born as Anthony Philip Harford has praised after Black Sabbath of his live career and his work as a solo artist was reset for many years in favor of guest work on albums of others. With the new, pleasantly varied, if unfortunately somewhat under-producted Thorns , the 64-year-old now relies on the comeback.

The final countdown: Faraday Future's CEO tells us what comes next

  The final countdown: Faraday Future's CEO tells us what comes next Faraday Future has kept us waiting for nearly half a decade for its FF 91 EV. As the car company's self-imposed deadline approaches, CEO Carsten Breitfeld walks us through its steps.He can quote that figure from memory because he's had screens installed in every room in the company's headquarters. Each day, the number on those screens counts down by one. "We promised to deliver our first car within 12 months and we're going to make this happen," he said.

Metal Hammer: Tony, your last solo album, Scream (Martin came Ozzy hereby hereby) is already 17 years back. Why did it take so long until Thorns could see the light of the world?

Tony Martin: I am often a guest on albums and songs others. This means that I always have to interrupt the solo work. Overall, Thorns has used ten years. A lengthy process, but you also want it's good!

MH: Ten years are indeed a long time. Can you still remember the initial ignition for the album?

™: Good question! The technology today helps in general. I can retrieve a ten-year-old file at any time on the computer and it is preserved unchanged. The origin of Thorns was as follows: Scott McClellan, a guitarist, who is still pretty unknown, started to send me on Facebook riffs. Only one, then it was sometime twenty. So I got in touch with him and at the same time singing to a few of his things and asked if he wanted to work with me. That was the beginning. The riffs finished further. He is a true reef machine, Tony Iommi not very unlike.

missing Vettel's Aston Martin now Mercedes steam?

 missing Vettel's Aston Martin now Mercedes steam? Lewis Hamilton Rast with a fresh Mercedes drive in the direction of title. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel fights with his Mercedes engine. © Provided by missing Vettel's Aston Martin now Mercedes steam? Sebastian Vettel could not be satisfied with eleven at the Grand Prix of Brazil . In the meantime, the Aston Martin-Star was already ranked six, but lost by the virtual Safetycar but decisive seconds and was caught by Fernando Alonso's alpine.

questions about questions

MH: Speaking of cooperation: Your old band colleague Tony Iommi has announced in the spring of last year that he is planning to publish a box set with the Black Sabbath albums of the Tony Martin era and the associated outtakes for which he has already mixed the appropriate albums. Is he also personally approaching you with this plan?

™: You know more than me! No I dont know. Tony has not talked to me yet. The penultimate time we met, was at the funeral of Geoff Nicholls (Black Sabbath-Keyboarder, who died in January 2017 - Anm.D.a.). Then Tony said, he has a pile of material and that we both should do something. Then nothing happened for a year. When I contacted him, we met in his house and he said his hands were tied because he should not publish anything new under the name Black Sabbath.

he suggested that we take a few unpublished old shots instead. So I sent him a couple. Among other things, the version of 'Evil Eye', at which Eddie van Halen was playing along and that was not used on Cross Purposes. I sent him another shots, but then did not hear anything about him anymore. But that was not different with our Black Sabbath times. One got hard out of the others. After the motto: Am I still in the band this week?


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Aston Martin confirmed: Sebastian Vettel before comeback in Melbourne .
© Motorsport Images Sebastian Vettel in the Aston Martin AMR22 at the Formula 1 winter tests 2022 in Bahrain "Sebastian Vettel is getting fit enough for racing." This reports Aston Martin. And with that, the four-time formula-1 world champion is at the third race weekend of Formula 1 2022 in Melbourne in Australia on April 10 scheduled again. The two Grands Prix in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia had missed Vettel due to positive coronate tests and had been replaced by Nico Hülkenberg.

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