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Reviews: Euro Handball: The Blues Facing the Unexpected Dutch Challenge

The blue with Italy, Belgium and Iceland at Euro

 The blue with Italy, Belgium and Iceland at Euro © provided by Sofoot Football's coming home (again). fell into the group D of the female euro organized in England (July 6th to 31st, 2022), France will face Belgium, Italy and Iceland. The Daughters of Corinne deacon find three opponents that they like to martyrize. The Italians have no longer won since 2000 against France, and Belgium since 1985. It was the Icelanders who beat the blue most recently, and you have to go back in 2007.

Romain Lagarde, Dika Mem et les Bleus débutent ce jeudi le tour principal de l'Euro © Panoramic Romain Lagarde, Dika MEM and the Blues start this Thursday the main tour of the Euro

mistrust and rigor. This is the axiom of the France team before tackling its first match of the main tour of the euro against the Netherlands. Imperials to take the hurdle - yet perilous - with a first round with Croatia (27-22) and Serbia to its program (29-25), the Blues approach this second phase of groups with two points at Counter, a nicely inflated trust but ... no guarantee that the suite will also be smiling and joyful. The proof, already, with the revelation of the positive case at CVIV-19 by Karl Konan. At 26, the Aix player, who discovered the international high level, did not take the display of his talent in the hard-defensive hard work, compensating admirably the package of Luka Karabatic, accustomed to forming a wall. Franchising alongside Ludovic Fabregas.

Euro Zone: GDP growth confirmed at 2.2% in the third quarter

 Euro Zone: GDP growth confirmed at 2.2% in the third quarter Zone-Euro-Economy-GDP: Euro zone: GDP growth confirmed at 2.2% in the third quarter © Reuters / Yves Herman Euro zone: GDP growth confirmed to 2.2% in the third quarter Brussels (Reuters) - The growth of the euro economy has increased in the third quarter to 2.2%, thanks to the Many sanitary restrictions related to the COVID-19 epidemic show the statistics published Tuesday by Eurostat. The gross domestic product (GDP) of the 19 countries having adopted the single currency increased by 2.2% com

But here, Omicron and a health background at least relaxed in Szeged (Hungary) stop Konan in his ascent and oblige coach Guillaume Gille to review one utmost time his plans. What option will it choose to stem the Dutch waves that should not fail to fall considering the beginning of the competition of the Batavers? A priori, the coach will have the choice between making the job for postless position, with the potential candidate Nicolas Tournat, Dika MEM or Nikola Karabatic. And with the disadvantage, if one of the last two names was retained, to shoot the rope of an essential element in attack. Or try to use on the duration of a 5-1 match with Benoit Kounkoud in an advanced role highlighted twenty years ago by a certain Jackson Richardson. Between the two, the coach will have to decide this Thursday to bring down their cloud the Dutch.

DHB-BOSS: Groener is to remain national coach of the handball women

 DHB-BOSS: Groener is to remain national coach of the handball women Despite the disappointment about the German Handball women in the World Cup quarterfinal, the bidding tip has significantly pronounced the continuation of cooperation with national coach Henk Groener. © Imago Images / Bildbyran initially did not want to comment on his future: Henk Groener. to WM-from "I am to my statement that he is the right coach," said DHB-President Andreas Michelmann on Wednesday before departure of the German team.

a formidable Duo Luc Steins-Kay Smits

led by a formidable tandem consisting of the half-center of PSG Luc Steins and the right back of Magdeburg Kay Smits - the best scorer of the competition with 32 achievements and its perfect 13 of 13 At the seven-meter jet - the Netherlands managed to extract from a complicated pool, by dominant entry Hungary at home (31-28), which is never a small deal, before Winning an intense arm of Portugal (32-31), all interspersed with a short reverse against Iceland (28-29). But even in full confidence and without pressure, since it has already achieved its goal of joining the main tour, it should not be done from Batavian training a mountain. Emerging European Handball Nation, the Netherlands remains no less inexperienced in the high spheres and offensive enthusiasm is not always enough to hide its defensive weakness, including a pair of guards who only turns 25% stops (30 in all, three less than the only Vincent Gérard).

Malimits: These 1 euro coins are really much value

 Malimits: These 1 euro coins are really much value Why you should look closer to your 1 euro coins in the purse in more detail in the future. © Simarik / iStock A one-euro coin money that is worth more than the number printed on it? Possible - thanks to malformations. These are rare and therefore particularly exciting for collecting and interested.

A less formidable Dutch defense

of the gaps seen last November at the Golden League in Norway where the Dutch had cashed two severe defeats (40-29 against Norway and 33-19 against Denmark). The sign that they have not become, overnight, global handball ogres and that the blues, if they continue to recite their ranges as beautifully as during the first act against Serbia, can do them very badly in that sector. Erick Mathé, Guillaume Gille's deputy, also pointed another flaw: " The Dutch game is pleasant to see, with continuity, and is animated by Luc Steins which imposes his pace and tempo. There is always the desire to make the ball live, especially on the large space where players are planning very quickly with a lot of commitment and rhythm in this sector. We have the impression of a released and bold team in what it realizes. However, many players have almost played 3 hours on the 3 games, so it has few rotations. "It could therefore physically, the engine stuck at one time or another, especially given the rhythm that the Oranje put in their matches. The victory will be imperative for the Olympic champions of Tokyo before defusing Iceland (Saturday, 18:00) and especially Denmark (Wednesday, January 26, 20:30), knowing that only the first two of the group will play the last square.

commuter hammer! This extra at the 9 euro ticket ensures vortex .
the planned 9 euro ticket for commuters in Germany will come soon - and still has a special feature in Petto. © Meinzahn / iStock S-Bahn Tomorrow 13 April 2022 All details of the 9 Euro Ticket are to be officially proclaimed in traffic associations - but in advance information is already leaked.

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