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Reviews: to Mehezoff: Man goes 450 km on foot to meet

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After a violent quarrel with his wife, a man from Italy saw and write 450 kilometers went to get back. The details.

Mann läuft durch die Natur © Eclipse_Images / iStock Man runs by nature

a pair of Como in northern Italy fiercely got into dispute. To get a clear head again, the man then wanted to make a "walk".

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This ended 450 kilometers away in the small town of Fano on the Adriatic Sea.

picked up by the police

The police felt the man there at 2 o'clock in the morning, reports "The Independent" . Because of a corona lockdown, strict starting locks prevailed. In addition, his wife had already reported him as missing.

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The crowd was allegedly with clear mind when he was taken up. Opposite the BEAMT: inside he assumed: "On the way I met people who gave me food and drink. I'm fine, just a bit tired."

"Italian Forrest Gump"

a day ran the man about 60 kilometers, for seven days he was overall. Ultimately, his wife picked him up in a hotel in Fano. Whether they have tolerate themselves again is not tradition.

What is known about: The stroller must pay a punishment of 400 euros because he has violated the Corona rules. He is celebrated in social networks as "Italian Forrest Gump".

Who knows how far he would have ran, the police would not have picked up him ...

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