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Reviews: Software Development for Autonomous Driving - Volkswagen subsidiary Cariad cooperates with Bosch

Germany: Greenpeace filed a complaint against Volkswagen

 Germany: Greenpeace filed a complaint against Volkswagen © AFP - Ronny Hartmann Greenpeace vehicles wants to impose a real electric turning point in Volkswagen, which the German manufacturer stops selling gasoline cars by 2030 , and this around the world. The Greenpeace Environmental Defense Organization filed a complaint against Volkswagen on Tuesday, November 9, 2021, while the Conference on the Environment, COP26 continues in Glasgow.

The Volkswagen daughter Cariad and Bosch work closely with the development of a software platform for automated driving.

  Software-Entwicklung für das autonome Fahren - Volkswagen-Tochter Cariad kooperiert mit Bosch © Cariad

In the development of technologies for cars of the future, Volkswagen uses cooperation with the supplier Bosch. The two companies are not only planning a joint venture for the equipment of battery factories. In addition, the VW subsidiary Cariad cooperates the recently as an independent unit-based software unit of the Group, with Bosch in the field of automated driving.

The aim is to "provide functions for vehicles of the brand groups of the Volkswagen Group, where riders can take the hands at times explicitly from the steering wheel," as the two partners communicate. Depending on the legal basis, autonomous driving after Level 3 is possible on the highway, depending on the legal basis. First features on the way there are to be installed in 2023 in cars.

VW on the stock market under pressure: "Spitz on Button" for Volkswagen boss

 VW on the stock market under pressure: For a long time, this was considered the favorite of the stock experts who set the transformation of the Wolfsburg AutoConzern. Now the share price shrank by 18 percent © Photo: DPA / Carsten Koall Herbert this, chairman of the Board of Volkswagen AG The outcome of the power struggle by Volkswagen -Kef Herbert This is apparently also open after several hours of advice in the Bureau of the Supervisory Board .

Software also for other manufacturers

a software platform that is jointly developed, should form the technical basis. In addition to the cars of the Group brands, the technologies should be made accessible to other manufacturers. The opening of the Volkswagen Group for new cooperations is already evident in the agreement with Ford; The US manufacturer will use the MEB for upcoming electric cars.

Bosch Managing Director Dr. Markus Heyn explains: "The way to the driverless driving takes place for cars in private property step by step - at Bosch we have been working successfully for years. Together with Cariad we now speed up the market launch of partial and highly automated driving functions in all vehicle classes and make them available for everyone. " Dirk Hilgenberg, CEO of Cariad, also sees economic benefits of cooperation: "Automated Driving is a central future field of our industry. Through our cooperation, we will strengthen the innovation location Germany together."

Volkswagen Schwiedet Technology Bund for Battery cell production

 Volkswagen Schwiedet Technology Bund for Battery cell production Volkswagen drives the construction of its own production of battery cells for electric cars with several partnerships ahead. © Provided by Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images With the Belgian Material Technology and Recycling Group Umicore, the Lithium Manufacturer Vulcan Energy and the US Battery Start-Up 24m were closed for the mass production of batteries contracts , the Wolfsburger announced on Wednesday. The Group wants to raise six large battery cell factories in Europe.

up to 1,000 professionals should work on various locations, especially in Stuttgart and Ingolstadt, to develop automated driving. The focus is above all the computer technology for the quick survey, analysis and processing of data that can provide sensors and cameras. The use of artificial intelligence should also help.

A learning computer program

Future systems for autonomous driving will constantly train. Data collected in real road traffic can incorporate into the development of the software. This makes it possible to reflect more and more traffic situations on the basis of which actions are derived from the vehicle functions.

A finish line did not set up Bosch and Cariad when reaching autonomous driving to Level 3. The cooperation agreement also includes plans to further develop the systems for Level 4. On this automation stage, the driver only has to intervene in emergencies. Steering wheel and pedals could be retracted for more space in the interior and appear only if necessary.

In current VW vehicles you can optionally order the driving assist pack "Travel Assist". If it is activated, the vehicle holds the track, the speed and the distance to the preceding vehicle. With information from the navigation system and the cameras, speedomolimits or topographic circumstances are also recognized and the speed, for example, in local entrances or curves, are automatically adjusted.

Volkswagen surprised at the beginning of the year with billions winning .
Hamburg (Reuters) - Volkswagen has achieved a billions in China despite the Ukraine war and binding production because of the Corona fight in China at the beginning of the year. © Reuters Archive: The logo of the German car manufacturer Volkswagen at VW headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany In doing so, the Wolfsburg's massif benefited from financial instruments, with which the Group has secured itself against the increase in commodity prices.

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