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Reviews: Euro de handball: a match "which makes the adventure more beautiful", according to Valentine's door

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Valentin Porte © Ognen Teofilovski / Reuters Valentin Door

How did you live this game completely crazy?

Valentin Door: You could not dream better, finally if, for hearts we could. But we could not dream better for a "quarterfinal" as far as we are concerned. I saw a team a bit like against Iceland at first. A little amorphous. With a defense that took the water, few stops, a little fluid game. And we shoved on it, we encouraged. If we had to lose, it was while having given everything and in the second period that's what happened. There are signs that do not deceive in a match. At a quarter of an hour of the end there is -5 but we always believed. There are one or two stops that fall well, a loss of bullet or two, Hugo (Descate) that is good at the penalties and leaves us alive. All that means that more we win the match.

Euro Zone: GDP growth confirmed at 2.2% in the third quarter

 Euro Zone: GDP growth confirmed at 2.2% in the third quarter Zone-Euro-Economy-GDP: Euro zone: GDP growth confirmed at 2.2% in the third quarter © Reuters / Yves Herman Euro zone: GDP growth confirmed to 2.2% in the third quarter Brussels (Reuters) - The growth of the euro economy has increased in the third quarter to 2.2%, thanks to the Many sanitary restrictions related to the COVID-19 epidemic show the statistics published Tuesday by Eurostat. The gross domestic product (GDP) of the 19 countries having adopted the single currency increased by 2.2% com

Two hours before, you learn that Nicolas Tournate is positive. Do you plump a little?

No, it does not plummet because I think we managed to partition with it. If we were amorphous every time a new grave, we would never have arrived at that level. Some will complain, and others like Iceland say nothing and put us eight goals. We, we thought it's like that. We have a full workforce. And a guy like theo monar can hold a complicated position after Ludo (Fabregas) took a red. Something was created tonight.

For you, was there any particular action that tilted the mental match?

There are many. I think the Danes may have been a little beautiful, a little early. They lose a balloon, throw a kung-fu a little too high. And even in the defensive intensity, they became fucked and there was no revolt I feel like. They left us a shooting window and after we seized our luck. We tightened the defense, we saw Nikola Karabatic throw himself on all the balloons. It is again signs that do not deceive with elders who show the example and young people who hold behind. This kind of match makes it possible to make the adventure more beautiful, to please the spectators surely and especially to forge the character of a team. Tonight we was looking for her with the guts, the head, with everything.

commuter hammer! This extra at the 9 euro ticket ensures vortex .
the planned 9 euro ticket for commuters in Germany will come soon - and still has a special feature in Petto. © Meinzahn / iStock S-Bahn Tomorrow 13 April 2022 All details of the 9 Euro Ticket are to be officially proclaimed in traffic associations - but in advance information is already leaked.

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