Reviews: McLaren team boss SEIDL: monitoring the budget ceiling works

McLaren: Have MCL35M Made for Ricciardo Made

 McLaren: Have MCL35M Made for Ricciardo Made © Motorsport Images Daniel Ricciardo in the McLaren MCL35M: Since the summer break goes ahead Andrea Stella speaks of a "learning process" for all involved in McLaren. Because not only Daniel Ricciardo had to change in the Formula 1 season 2021, but also the team. And McLaren has done a lot to support Ricciardo at its habituation of the MCL35M - and have also learned a lot about its own car.

McLaren-Teamchef Andreas Seidl ist mit der neuen Budgetobergrenze zufrieden © Motorsport images McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl is satisfied with the new budget ceiling

in the season 2021 there was a novelty in the formula 1. For the first time, all teams were in the premier class obliged to comply with a budget ceiling. Maximum $ 145 million was allowed to spend the racing stables last year - , however, with numerous exceptions and some issues.

Currently, among other things, it is discussed whether the additional sprint races 2022 should result in a higher budget cover. Other big issues are also how to punish offenses in the future and whether the monitoring of the complex rules through the FIA ​​will work at all.

McLaren factory contract for Marvin Kirchhöfer: Where is the journey?

 McLaren factory contract for Marvin Kirchhöfer: Where is the journey? He is at the destination: Marvin Kirchhöfer has received a factory driver contract of McLaren. After convincing achievements on Corvette C7 GT3-R in the ADAC GT Masters 2021, the 27-year-old has now been committed to McLaren Automotive. © Motorsport Photo "words can not describe what this new chapter means for me, and how proud I am to become part of the McLaren-Customer Racing family. Thanks to all who were part of this journey "Says Kirchhöfer.

"If the budget cover can be safely monitored and for all the same, I have no problem with it. But I see some gray zones, and that worried me," said Adrian Newey from Red Bull, for example, last year in the interview with 'Auto engine and sport'.

"I am very satisfied with the whole process," but McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl makes it clear. He see "No red flags," say no possibilities for the teams to deal with the regulations. He also explains: "I have fully confidence in the system and the FIA."

Background: Already last year, several teams spoke against sporty penalties for violations of the new financial regulations of Formula 1. This means that bypass could be punished for example with fines, but not with scores or even a World Cup exclusion.

Seidl explains that he assumes that it would give the "right penalty" for the appropriate offense - as would it look like. "It's no secret that we are big supporters of these rules," reminds Seidl at McLarens attitude to the budget ceiling in the formula 1.

and after the first year you seem to be satisfied in Woking. Seidl is definitely "very, very confident" that the new rules match the field "with regard to the budget". For this there is now a few issues more ...

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