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Reviews: 25 hp residue caught up: Has Ferrari again the best engine?

Armstrong leaves: 2022 No Ferrari juniors in the formula 2

 Armstrong leaves: 2022 No Ferrari juniors in the formula 2 © Motorsport Images Marcus Armstrong at the Formula 2 race in Monza 2021 At the beginning of the training year 2022 there are some in the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA) personnel changes. As the Italian Formula 1 team announced on Tuesday (January 11), Marcus Armstrong is now no longer a member of the Journal Program of Ferrari. of the New Zealand was Ferrari-Junior since 2017 and went to the start in the past two years in Formula 2.

Ferrari is optimistic about the winter tests in Spain and Bahrain, to have caught up with the residue in the drive area on the industry leaders Mercedes and Honda. 25 hp should have missed the Scuderia 2021. But team boss Mattia binotto believes that this deficit is now past.

Motorsport photo © Motorsport Photo

"We know that the engines are frozen for the next four seasons. Therefore, it was important to start with a powerunit that has no power residue on the competition," says the Italian. "At the beginning of the past season we had 20 to 25 hp residue. Our first goal was to eliminate this residue."

"At the moment we do not understand the values ​​from the track not 100 percent. Although our GPS measurements are reasonably accurate, but not super precise. In addition, they are influenced by the weight of the car, and without this data estimates are difficult," explains Binotto.

Martin Brundle: Why Ferrari & McLaren could be the advantage

 Martin Brundle: Why Ferrari & McLaren could be the advantage For 2022 Martin Brundle sees "The usual suspects" at the front, but especially Ferrari and McLaren a catch-up to © Motorsport Images How big is the step, made the McLaren 2022? Who goes as a favorite in the Formula 1 season 2022? At this question, the ghosts divorce. While Red Bull ended the latest test trips in Bahrain with world champion Max Stapen at the top, Mercedes stacked the usual deep. So Lewis Hamilton is currently not holding the W13 for victorious.

The tests can not be reliably assessed how hard the opposing cars are. Therefore, to win reliable data, waiting for the first race weekend. There are moments, "about qualifying or at the start of the race in which we know how hard the cars are. These are data we do not have at the tests."

"Then there is also the windshade effect. So you always have to pay attention to the tests that you only rated laps that have been driven without external influences. These are all reasons why we usually wait three to four races until we are waiting for three to four races Statistics put together. Because the more data is available, the more accurate the cut of calculations. "

, however, of course, all teams already analyze the winter tests - knowing that the numbers could deviate more from reality than at a later date in the season. And there was a pleasant level from Ferrari view.

Chaos! Ferrari cheers after stages drama - Hamilton in luck

 Chaos! Ferrari cheers after stages drama - Hamilton in luck Better would not have run the prelude for Ferrari! © Provided by Chaos! Ferrari cheered for staged drama - Hamilton in luck 45 races long had to wait the Tifosi - now Charles Leclec has been able to win a victory for the Scuderia at Formula 1 season opener in Bahrain. Sebastian Vettel had brought the last success for Ferrari in Singapore 2019. (News: All current information on Formula 1) But it came even better for Ferrari: The second place grabbed Leclerc teammate Carlos Sainz Jr.

"We have performed a calculation, and this first analysis has revealed that we are on the level of others from what we can see. We are certainly not back, and maybe we even have a tick more power" , says Binotto, but restricts: "This is still without guarantee."

pleasing: The encouraging data that Ferrari has won the test stands with the new PowerUnit, have confirmed the tests in Spain and Bahrain on the route. Thus, Ferrari seems to have left the long-term sequences of the Ferrari-FIA engines affair , which has taken place by 2019 and at the beginning of 2020 have left behind.

and also chassis side is bombotto optimistic: "I think we will be competitive next weekend. What we can not say is whether we are two tenths in front or two tenths behind. Red Bull makes a very strong impression on me, especially max. Maybe a Red Bull will be ahead of us and one behind us. But I do not know that. "

"I think we should be at a level that allows us to move in front, and even if we should have a backlog, this will not be insurmountable. I think we're talking about intervals that you are talking about four to four Five races can have caught up, "says Binotto and complements:" The starting position is good. How well, we have to find out now. "

with image material from Motorsport Images .

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