Reviews: Chaos! Ferrari cheers after stages drama - Hamilton in luck

Armstrong leaves: 2022 No Ferrari juniors in the formula 2

 Armstrong leaves: 2022 No Ferrari juniors in the formula 2 © Motorsport Images Marcus Armstrong at the Formula 2 race in Monza 2021 At the beginning of the training year 2022 there are some in the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA) personnel changes. As the Italian Formula 1 team announced on Tuesday (January 11), Marcus Armstrong is now no longer a member of the Journal Program of Ferrari. of the New Zealand was Ferrari-Junior since 2017 and went to the start in the past two years in Formula 2.

Better would not have run the prelude for Ferrari!

Chaos! Ferrari jubelt nach Verstappen-Drama - Hamilton im Glück © Provided by Chaos! Ferrari cheered for staged drama - Hamilton in luck

45 races long had to wait the Tifosi - now Charles Leclec has been able to win a victory for the Scuderia at Formula 1 season opener in Bahrain. Sebastian Vettel had brought the last success for Ferrari in Singapore 2019. (News: All current information on Formula 1)

But it came even better for Ferrari: The second place grabbed Leclerc teammate Carlos Sainz Jr. After World Champion Max Stappen had to give up the race just before the end.

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because of unclear rules: Ferrari is not testing in Fiorano with the previous year's car

 because of unclear rules: Ferrari is not testing in Fiorano with the previous year's car © Motorsport Images Whether Ferrari is allowed to drive with the SF21 in Fiorano, remained unclear shortly before the start of the test on the new Formula 1 season Ferrari this week a four-day test on its test track in Fiorano. In doing so, the previous year's car SF21 should be used, but shortly before the start of the test, the racing team had to change its original plans. The reason: It was not clear if you can actually use a car from the past year.

on Sport1 had a exciting duel in front of the drama shortly before the end in the course of the race over a few laps Delivered with Leclerc before he had to tear off.

(Data: The racing calendar of Formula 1)

Hamilton gets podium set

The third place was Sensational Lewis Hamilton, although his Mercedes was completely chance of expansion over long distances and he was ranked five with a huge residue. But after stages, Sergio Pérez also caught in the last round and so the record world champion dusted completely unexpected. Mick Schumacher showed a good performance after a non-studied turner shortly after the start , but Haas tire poker was not up. So Schumacher fell back to the Safety Car with older tires in eleven rank.

(Data: Driver's Development of Formula 1)

Martin Brundle: Why Ferrari & McLaren could be the advantage

 Martin Brundle: Why Ferrari & McLaren could be the advantage For 2022 Martin Brundle sees "The usual suspects" at the front, but especially Ferrari and McLaren a catch-up to © Motorsport Images How big is the step, made the McLaren 2022? Who goes as a favorite in the Formula 1 season 2022? At this question, the ghosts divorce. While Red Bull ended the latest test trips in Bahrain with world champion Max Stapen at the top, Mercedes stacked the usual deep. So Lewis Hamilton is currently not holding the W13 for victorious.

Nico Hülkenberg replaced in Bahrain the Sebastian Vettel diseased to Corona, was open to the inferior Haas. Everything about Formula 1 on All News on Formula 1 Driver Rating Formula 1 Team Clarification Formula 1 Formula 1 Calendar

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Formula 1 Technique: Why the brakes 2022 are so important .
© Giorgio Piola Mechanic with Brake Disc of the Ferrari F1-75 in Formula 1 2022 Not only the aerodynamic concept is new in the formula 1 season 2022. Other technical areas of the vehicles have learned changes, for example the brakes. And the two first race weekends have shown: Not all teams already have these changes completely under control. What is different in the season 2022? The diameter of the brake discs may now be greater because the Formula 1 cars have gained weight again.

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