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Next New Armedion for Dresden: Drchal comes from Prague

 Next New Armedion for Dresden: Drchal comes from Prague Dynamo Dresden reports on Monday its second winter revenue: The Saxons are reinforcing with Vaclav Drchal, which connects the second division from AC Sparta Prague to the lending by 30 June 2022. © imago images / ctk photo Strengthening competition in attack: Dynamo new access Vaclav Drchal. loan agreement until the end of the season already on Monday afternoon Drchal will be for the first time with the dresters on the training place.

PHOTOS Familles nombreuses, la vie en XXL : six nouvelles tribus intègrent l'aventure © TF1 Pictures Numerous Families, Life in XXL: Six New Tribes Include Adventure Numer Families, Life in XXL will host six new tribes from this Wednesday, March 23rd. We make them discover!

Many families, XXL's life, the show broadcast on TF1 since summer 2020, is a real success. Thanks to the program, families have become of real personalities very appreciated by viewers. and from this Wednesday, March 23, new recruits will come to embellish this program. But no panic, the emblematic families of the program, like the Galli, Gonzalez, Pelissard or Jean-Zephirin, will remain on the antenna for your greatest happiness. and others, will make their comed back, like the Santoro. But this time, we present you the little ones! For 2022, TF1 chose to enlarge the teams of many families with six new tribes very awaited by the fans of the show.

the red cross victim of a vast cyber attack, threatening the data of 500,000

 the red cross victim of a vast cyber attack, threatening the data of 500,000 © Valery Hache The ICRC has announced that there was a vast cyber attack during which the hackers seized data from more than 515,000 people. Fabrice Coffrini / AFP The Red Cross , victim of a large cyber attack. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) announced Wednesday have been the victim of a vast cyberattack during which the hackers have seized data of more than 515,000 extremely vulnerable people, since some have fled conflict and prisoners.

Many families, life in XXL, the show is growing! Family Tray

You can find Laetitia, a 36-year-old family who elevates only four children, including triplets. You will meet Nolann, 3 years, and Emmy, Lyna and Christmasya, all ages 9 months old. The young woman, from Val-d'Oise lost her husband a year and a half ago while she was two months pregnant, triplets. Since then, she fights for her children.

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Family Hubert

This new family is an large supporter of the Olympique de Marseille. Parents, Audrey 38, and Stéphane, 40, are at the head of a tribe of five children: Alexander, 16, Romain, 12, Paul, 10 years and the twins Camille and Baptiste, 6 years old. But it's not over, since the mother is about to give birth to twins again! and ... are still boys.

Euro de handball: a match "which makes the adventure more beautiful", according to Valentine's door

 Euro de handball: a match © Ognen Teofilovski / Reuters Valentin Door How did you live this game completely crazy? Valentin Door: You could not dream better, finally if, for hearts we could. But we could not dream better for a "quarterfinal" as far as we are concerned. I saw a team a bit like against Iceland at first. A little amorphous. With a defense that took the water, few stops, a little fluid game. And we shoved on it, we encouraged.

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Family Pavoni

The Pavoni are also on the way to the numerous family adventure. parents of four boys, Agnès and Romain, living in the Vaucluse and are willing to welcome their last little one.

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creators of a family business (barber and gift shop), Audrey and Hervé are the parents of six children and live in the region Occitanie, in Mazères. In this new tribe, you will meet Mayeul, 8, Camille, 6, Ebbane, 5, Pia, 3 and a half, Foucauld, 2 and a half and Hildegard, 1 year. But it is not finished, since the mother is waiting for his seventh child, scheduled for June 2022.

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family servings

the servers should impress you! The reason ? Parents, Laetitia and Sébastien, are at the head of a family of 8 children, between 17 and 1 year old. You can find them on April 14 on TF1.

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Family Colas

This new family resides in the Rhône-Alpes region. At the head of the tribe: Delphine, a 40-year-old photographer and Olivier. At their side, five children: Selena, 17, Gabriel, 13, Paul, 9, Louise, 8 years old and Alba, 1 year. But the family is already preparing to spend a summer at seven, to let the greatest start graduate.

You can find them all and meet from March 23, from 17:30 on TF1. For others, it will be still a little patient!

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amandine pellissard: her amazing revelations about her ex-companion .
© Family Instagram PELLISSARD Amandine PELLISSARD: her amazing revelations about her ex-companion Amandine Pelissard does only rarely mention the biological father of his son , Leo. Once is not custom. This Friday, April 15, 2022, this one evoked its former romantic relationship against Jordan Deluxe in an interview filmed for Purepeople. Revelations. Over the years, Amandine PELLISSARD has become one of the essential stars of the many families show: life in XXL.

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