Reviews: Transport Minister Recommend Zero Fare Instead 9-Euro Ticket

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In response to the advance of the Federal Government for a 9-Euro Monatket in public transport, the Minister of Transportation on Friday has brought a zero-tariff ticket into play.

Für 90 Tage soll eine Fahrkarte für 9 Euro pro Monat eingeführt werden. © Andreas Arnold / DPA For 90 days a ticket should be introduced for 9 euros per month.

In this way, the administrative effort for transport networks could be kept low, emphasized the chairman of the conference, Bremen's mayor Maike Schaefer, following the meeting. "This is now a recommendation to be checked in a federal state working group," she said. The costs would have to be fully worn by the federal government.

Federal Minister of Traffic Volker Wissing (FDP) stressed that the COALITAL committee on the day before also dealt with such a zero tariff solution. But the committee has finally decided for the 9 euro variant.

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Cheap tickets Also for subscription holders

The planned favorable public transport tickets should also apply to subscriptions according to the words of Wissing (FDP). The costs for subscriptions would not be debited or reimbursed, Wissing made clear on Friday after consultations of the Minister of Transport of the Federation and Countries. There is no reason to terminate a subscription because of the 9-euro month tickets. He hold the cheap ticket for relatively fast implementable when offering online tickets, Wissing said.

The traffic light had decided to introduce a ticket for 9 euros per month in public transport (public transport) for 90 days. Wissing spoke of costs of 2.5 billion euros, which will reimburse the federal government. If more money is necessary, the federal government will not refuse.

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Union sees disadvantages for rural area

The surprising push of the Federal Government for a temporary 9-euro ticket encounters criticism in the Union countries. It would have been better to talk to the countries first, Bayern's Transport Minister Christian Bernreiter (CSU) said on Friday after a special Conference Ministers Conference on Friday. He also spoke on behalf of the other countries in which the SPD does not lead the coalition.

municipalities and transport associations have no idea how they should implement the decision. He also see a discrimination of rural areas, as fewer people took advantage of public transport due to major distances. But the commuters in rural areas would also have to be relieved more. Desirable would be about changes to the vehicle tax, generally in the question "the last word has not yet been spoken".

The 9-euro ticket is a "quick shot", a "lock offer", which does not meet the actual problem, said Bernreiter. The public transport must be expanded permanently, cost increases would have to be permanently compensated. As much as you wish, neither the Ukraine crisis nor their consequences are over in three months.

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