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Reviews: Pakistan: The Prime Minister escapes a motion of censorship and requests the dissolution of Parliament

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Discours du Premier ministre pakistanais Imran Khan, le 31 mars 2022. © Akhtar Soomro, Reuters Speech by Prime Minister Pakistani Imran Khan, March 31, 2022.

Prime Minister Pakistani, Imran Khan, asked Sunday the dissolution of the Parliament, which came to refuse to examine a motion of censure against him by judging it inspired by "foreign powers". The Prime Minister was charged with his opponents of mismanagement of the economy and clumsmen in foreign policy.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan , asked Sunday the dissolution of Parliament, which, however, had to refuse to examine a motion of censure against him by judging it inspired by "foreign powers".

"This motion of censorship is contrary to the constitution. I reject this motion under the Constitution," said the Vice-President of the Pakistan National Assembly, Asad Qaiser, at the beginning of the meeting during which she had to be examined. A few minutes later, in a speech on state television, Imran Khan announced that he asked the country's president to dissolve Parliament.

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The Party of Imran Khan, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-INSAF (PTI, Movement of Pakistan for Justice),

lost his parliamentary majority last week

, when an allied party said that his seven deputies were going to vote with the opposition. More than a dozen IPT deputies have also changed camp, although the party management tries to prevent them from voting through judicial remedies.

Imran Khan had called his followers to go down on Sunday street to manifest peacefully against what he qualified as "conspiracy" organized abroad to drive him out of power. "I want you to protest all for an independent and free Pakistan," he told the state media.

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He treated his opponents of "thieves", "loose" and "manipulators", and suggested that he still had a card to play. "I have a plan for tomorrow, do not worry. I'll show it and defeat them in front of the assembly," he promised Saturday.

earlier this week, he had accused the United States of interference in Pakistani affairs. According to the local media, he received a report from the Pakistani ambassador to Washington, who recorded a senior American official telling him that the relations between the two countries would be better if the Prime Minister left his duties. Washington has denied.

Imran Khan accuses the United States to reverse him because he refuses to align with US positions with respect to Russia and China.

Threat of Taliban

accused by its opponents of economic mismanagement - Galoping inflation, low rupee and overwhelming debt -, and clumsiness in foreign politics, Imran Khan, 69 years old and former national cricket glory, is confronted with his most serious crisis Policy since its election in 2018.

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The Government must also face the increased threat of the Pakistani Taliban of the

TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan)

, which announced Wednesday wanting to launch an "offensive" against the security forces during Ramadan. The two main courses of the opposition, the Party of the Pakistani People (PPP) and the Muslim League of Pakistan (PML-N), dominated the national policy for decades, with periods of power punctured by coups d'état. Military, until IMRAN khan forges a coalition by promising voters to sweep decades of corruption.

Some analysts say that Imran Khan has also lost the crucial support of the army, key for Pakistani political power.

Since independence in 1947, the


has experienced four successful military putsches and at least as many unsuccessful coups, and the country has spent more than three decades under the army regime. with AFP

Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan reversed by a motion of censors .
© AFP / Archives L E Prime Minister Pakistani, Imran Khan , was overthrown Sunday by a motion of censorship voted against him by the National Assembly , after several weeks of political crisis. The motion was "approved" by 174 of the 342 deputies, announced the acting president of the House, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq. No Prime Minister has ever gone to the end of his mandate at the Pakistan , since the independence of the country in 1947, but Imran Khan is the first to fall on a vote of distrust.

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