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Reviews: "Outlander" Season 6: Now the new episodes in the stream

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Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in © Starz Caitriona Balfe And Sam Heimhan in "Outlander": Season 6 View online

It's so far! The Sixth Season "Outlander", which is shorter than it would love the fans , is started in the US. Many fantasy fans wonder where you can see the new consequences. Because one thing is certain: nothing is safe!

, the episodes in recent years were only shortly after the US premiere on the pay-TV transmitter RTL Passion, it will no longer be the case from the sixth season. Even whether the free TV charisma takes place in a few months at VOX is not safe. The transmitter belongs to the RTL media group - and that seems to have lost the rights to the series.

Outlander Season 6: Soon the end of the series? Caitriona Balfe Same Doubt

 Outlander Season 6: Soon the end of the series? Caitriona Balfe Same Doubt In March, Outlander will be back for Netflix for his season 6. The release date is already fixed and we can not wait to be there! The series with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe is already renewed for a season 7 ... but will she be the last of the series? In an interview, the interpreter of Claire Fraser confided on the end of the show. © STARZ The Outlander Season 6 trailer: Caitriona Balfe (Claire) evokes the end of the series fans have (yet) had to be patient.

The new consequences "Outlander" are therefore for the first to have only in stream and chargeable.

"Outlander": Season 6 at Amazon Prime Stream

Season Six of "Outlander" started in the US on March 6,2022. The good news for German fantasy friends is that the episodes only two days later in Germany to be seen, starting from 8 March 2022 . It is less pleasing, on the other hand, is that you can not stream the consequences on TV, but only online. And that's also chargeable.

The new episodes "Outlander" have been available as a purchase vod since 8 March. They are available in the German synchronization at Amazon , Google, Microsoft, VideoLoad, MagententV, Maxdome and the Apple TV app for download. Here you get to the new episodes "Outlander" on Amazon Prime. *

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The Streaming Dates of the New Outlander Consequences:

Episode 1: Echoes - March 8 2022 Effect 2: Allegiance - March 15, 2022 Episode 3: Temperance - March 22, 2022 Episode 4 : Hour of the Wolf - March 29, 2022 Episode 5: Give Me Liberty - 5th April 2022 Episitent 6: The World Turned Upside Down - April 12, 2022 Episode 7: Sticks and Stones - 19. April 2022 Episode 8: I Am Need Alone - April 26 2022 Does "Outlander" Season 6 arrives on Netflix?

So far, the old episodes and seasons "Outlander" were always available on Netflix, even if it took a felt eternity until they were added to the program of the streaming giant. But if and when Season Six appears on Netflix , previously unknown. That it is recorded in the program is very likely, the time is still in the stars.

Happy are the "outlander" fans living in France, because here Netflix was able to secure a deal, according to which the new episodes of the series are shown only one day after the US premiere. Only a mild consolation for German viewers, because they have to be in patience in terms of "outlander" on Netflix. After all, has already been confirmed that there will be a seventh season "Outlander" .

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