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Reviews: Mercedes: Toto Wolff sees "no patent recipe" for Melbourne

"Tax refugee": Horner etches against Mercedes-Boss

 between Red Bull Team Chief Christian Horner and Mercedes-Boss Toto Wolff always fly the poison arrows. Now the Brite refers to the Austrian as a "tax refugee". © Provided by "Tax refugee": Horner etches against Mercedes-Boss Whether Red-Bull team boss Christian Horner and his Mercedes-opposite Toto Wolff are still friends? Hardly likely! in an interview horner compared with his counterparty and shared it vigorously.

P3, P4, P5, P10: The results of the two Mercedes in the first two season races 2022 were not what team boss Toto Wolff had hoped for Lewis Hamilton and George Russell . After two weeks break on Sunday, the Grand Prix of Australia in Melbourne is on the program (Formula 1 2022 in the LiveTicker). But that the "silver arrows" in the third start already succeeds the great turnaround, is considered unlikely.

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"We are in a learning process, and the first two weekends have shown that we have a lot to learn," says Wolff. "At the moment our performance does not meet our own expectations on the route, but all in Brackley and Brixworth focus on understanding the problems and find the right solutions."

Billionaire Denies Buying Hitler’s Mercedes, Threatens to Sue Aussie Gov’t

  Billionaire Denies Buying Hitler’s Mercedes, Threatens to Sue Aussie Gov’t Billionaire Denies Buying Hitler’s Mercedes, Threatens to Sue Aussie Gov’tThe Mercedes-Benz 770K, a coachbuilt car colloquially known as a "Großer Mercedes" (literally Greater Mercedes), rose to prominence in the late '30s and early '40s as the personal vehicle of choice for leaders and commanders of many Axis powers. The specific model Palmer allegedly purchased, an armored dark-blue Grosser Offener Tourenwagen, is pictured with Hitler himself riding in it as part of a victory parade for the fall of France in 1940.

he fears: "There will be no patent recipe for the next race weekend, but we work hard to improve ourselves in the upcoming races, hopefully get closer to the top. Until then, we have to use every opportunity and the best of the Get a package that we have. "

"So there are different challenges in front of us, but that's something that makes us fun and in which a team shows his true spirit. Lewis and George make an important contribution to these efforts. They give us feedback, spend time in the simulator and spend time in the simulator and work together to advance us. "

, however, Melbourne is a route on which Hamilton has a worse track record than on many other routes. Since 2015 he has no longer won the Formula 1 race in Albert Park; Since then he became second four times a second. However, since 2014, he was uninterrupted since 2014. 2020 and 2021 Melbourne did not take place because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Now we return to Melbourne for the first time since 2020 and will be a race in Australia for the first time for three years," says Wolff. "That's too long for a city and a country that own so much passion for Formula 1. We look forward to the fans and the new track layout that promises more overtaking and faster lap times."

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