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Reviews: commuter hammer! This extra at the 9 euro ticket ensures vortex

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 Euro Handball: The Blues Facing the Unexpected Dutch Challenge © Panoramic Romain Lagarde, Dika MEM and the Blues start this Thursday the main tour of the Euro mistrust and rigor. This is the axiom of the France team before tackling its first match of the main tour of the euro against the Netherlands. Imperials to take the hurdle - yet perilous - with a first round with Croatia (27-22) and Serbia to its program (29-25), the Blues approach this second phase of groups with two points at Counter, a nicely inflated trust but ...

the planned 9 euro ticket for commuters in Germany will come soon - and still has a special feature in Petto.

S-Bahn © Meinzahn / iStock S-Bahn

Tomorrow 13 April 2022 All details of the 9 Euro Ticket are to be officially proclaimed in traffic associations - but in advance information is already leaked.

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and this info has quite in how image reports . Above all, the reach of the ticket is in focus, because it was up to last intensive discussions. Now a quite spectacular solution in sight ..

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 Gender Pricing in the hairdressing salon: Why women pay more at the hairdresser has a woman the same hairstyle like a man, she often pays her in the hairdressing salon anyway. But why? Some want to do it differently. © Photo: Jens Kalaene / dpa Unisex prices are the exception at the hairdresser. On average 12.50 euros, a woman pays more in her hairdressing visit. equality between man and woman is a much discussed topic. But there are many places where women are not equally treated. , for example, in hairdressing salons. Here is a view of the price tag.

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9-euro ticket: range and validity

The planned 9-euro ticket is intended for relief due to the increased fuel prices by the Russian Attack War on Ukraine and the associated episodes for the energy market contribute - and not only regional, but nationwide. This means that you can drive with the ticket in the RegionalExpress or Regionalbahnen throughout Germany .

, however, there is no final decision in this regard, but the Deutsche Bahn should have already given her okay, which is why it can actually come from it.

shall apply to the 9-euro ticket by the way from 1 June to August 31, 2022.

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