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Reviews: Volkswagen surprised at the beginning of the year with billions winning

Software Development for Autonomous Driving - Volkswagen subsidiary Cariad cooperates with Bosch

 Software Development for Autonomous Driving - Volkswagen subsidiary Cariad cooperates with Bosch The Volkswagen daughter Cariad and Bosch work closely with the development of a software platform for automated driving. © Cariad In the development of technologies for cars of the future, Volkswagen uses cooperation with the supplier Bosch. The two companies are not only planning a joint venture for the equipment of battery factories.

Hamburg (Reuters) - Volkswagen has achieved a billions in China despite the Ukraine war and binding production because of the Corona fight in China at the beginning of the year.

ARCHIV: Das Logo des deutschen Automobilherstellers Volkswagen am VW-Hauptsitz in Wolfsburg, Deutschland © Reuters Archive: The logo of the German car manufacturer Volkswagen at VW headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany

In doing so, the Wolfsburg's massif benefited from financial instruments, with which the Group has secured itself against the increase in commodity prices. The operating result from special items jumped in the first quarter to around 8.5 billion euros, as the carmaker reported on Thursday on the basis of first estimates. Before the year of operation, the operating profit had at 4.8 billion euros. The operational returns doubled almost to 13.5 (7.7) percent in the first three months compared to the same period of the previous year.

Ford and Volkswagen deepen alliance with E-Cars

 Ford and Volkswagen deepen alliance with E-Cars Hamburg (Reuters) - Ford and Volkswagen expand their billions of collaboration with electric cars. © Reuters Archives: Prototype of the self-propelled vehicle Argo AI in front of a joint press conference of Ford and Volkswagen in New York City, USA, July 12, 2019. Reuters / Mike Segar The US carmaker will continue to be another e-car based on Building the electro platform for the European market developed by the Wolfsburgers, Volkswagen and Ford participated in Monday.

Video: RKI Registered 162 790 Corona New Infections - Incidence at 1087.2 (GLOMEX)

For the increase in profit, in addition to the robust operational business, a positive fair value assessment on security instruments has taken care of 3.5 billion euros, Specified VW further. Due to the long-term hedging through financial instruments, the Group still pays prices for raw materials in the amount, as they were before the Ukraine war. The difference to the current price level ensures a book gain.

outlooking out the management of Group Chief Herbert this, it continues to have the risk that the progress of Ukraine war has a negative impact on the business of the autoconzern. This could also result from supply bottlenecks in the supply chain. Further development on the commodity markets is not predictable, which in turn can have significant effects on the assessment of hedging transactions. Volkswagen also referred to possible negative effects in a tightening corona pandemic as well as from the persistent delivery bottlenecks in semiconductors.

Nevertheless, Volkswagen did not change the outlook for the current year. Accordingly, for 2022, the Group expects an operational return between 7.0 and 8.5 percent. Sales should increase in a range between eight and 13 percent.

after forced breaks: VW diesel process continues after Easter .
After a renewed forced break, the sluggish ongoing diesel criminal proceedings against four previous executives of Volkswagen will be continued after Easter. © Julian Stratenschulte / DPA The VW diesel process is previously progressing. For Tuesday further witnesses were planned, a spokeswoman of the Landgericht Braunschweig on request with. Most recently, the fraud, from which many enlightenment for "Dieselgate" promised at VW, was stalling again and again.

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