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Reviews: after forced breaks: VW diesel process continues after Easter

Shell Share Fixed: Shell restricts trading oil and diesel to German major customers - Retreat from Russia business

 Shell Share Fixed: Shell restricts trading oil and diesel to German major customers - Retreat from Russia business The SHELL oil company has limited the sale of fuel oil, diesel and other products for the time being for the time being due to the tense market situation. © Provided by Kazuhiro Nogi / AFP / GettyImages This is from a letter from Shell Germany from Monday, which is the German Press Agency. As a reason, it is called "massive distortions and shortages on the energy markets" as a result of the outbreak in Ukraine, the following sanctions and economic recovery after the pandemieblue.

After a renewed forced break, the sluggish ongoing diesel criminal proceedings against four previous executives of Volkswagen will be continued after Easter.

Der VW-Dieselprozess kommt bislang nur schleppend voran. © Julian Stratenschulte / DPA The VW diesel process is previously progressing.

For Tuesday further witnesses were planned, a spokeswoman of the Landgericht Braunschweig on request with. Most recently, the fraud, from which many enlightenment for "Dieselgate" promised at VW, was stalling again and again.

Either dates were canceled for Corona infections or planned witnesses called for the right of approval, some of them are even charged with downstream diesel processes. The four now in court men will be accused, among other things, commercial and gangulant fraud with deception programs in the exhaust control of millions of diesel cars.

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Winter Grain lacked as a central main character

from the beginning missing in the procedure from the point of view of many observers central main character Martin Winterkorn. At prelude, the court had decided not to involve the ex-board member due to a medical report in the first negotiating complex and to separate the procedural part. It remains unclear whether the winter grain resigned because of the scandal must appear at some point in the courtroom.

The four remaining defendants had the opportunity to engage in the allegations in the first process weeks. One of them describes his view of things about several days of negotiation. For an interim conclusion, mutual blame statements of the defendants and memorial gaps and contradictions of testogenic testimonies.

When negotiations took place in a small round in the large hall of the Braunschweiger Stadthalle, it often went to the question of how this huge process can be smashed. A total of more than 130 negotiation days are planned until the summer of 2023.

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