Reviews: Federal Government: Criminal tax for diesel & petrol engine is planned

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  2023 Honda Civic Type R Doesn't Fix What Isn't Broken While many of the Type R's final details are still TBD, Honda's hot hatch doesn't seem to be radically different than before -- and that's perfectly fine with us.The only hard data we have right now is that the 2023 Civic Type R will be powered by a tweaked version of the current car's 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 engine. The CTR will also have a six-speed manual transmission with automatic rev-matching.

The federal government is apparently currently planning a penalty tax for diesel and petrol engines. The details.

Autos im Stau, Nebel durch Abgase © Elcovalana/iStock cars in traffic jam, fog due to exhaust gases

from 2035 is supposed to disappear from the streets. In July 2021, the European Commission agreed that car manufacturers no longer be allowed to sell new cars with a diesel or petrol engine- We reported .

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savings banks in need - millions of customers. Because measures to prevent people from keeping from it should already take effect with petrol engines and diesel vehicles.

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Secret Garage: Here BMW is stored that never went into series criminal tax in planning according to a report by "Auto Bild"

, the Federal Government is currently working on the vehicle tax for an

penalty tax for combustion engines

to make high CO2 emissions.

cars with lower consumption should pay less tax - while emission -free vehicles could be completely exempt from tax or even receive a bonus. However,

did not confirm these plans from the official side. However, the Federal Minister of Finance did not deny the plans to the newspaper either.

"The votes on the climate protection measures in 2022 are currently still ongoing within the federal government," he only said. So now it means to wait and see what the traffic light coalition can reach for. *Affiliate Link

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petrol and diesel in Germany much more expensive than in neighboring countries .
Wiesbaden. Since the tank discount leaked, the fuel prices have passed even further. Especially in Germany, people have to dig deep into their pockets. In contrast, the fuel is significantly cheaper in the adjacent EU countries. © Marijan Murat A woman rumbles in a gas station in Baden-Württemberg. (Symbol image) After the so-called tank rabbit has expired, fuel prices have attracted fuel prices in Germany and, according to , are higher than in the direct EU neighboring states.

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