Reviews: He has not been able to sell his house for 10 years because of an electric post

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Un poteau électrique d’Enedis serait à l’origine de cette confusion. Le cadastre a dû penser qu’il n’était pas sur un trottoir mais sur le terrain de Jean-François. © Pascal Huot/Pascal Huot - An Enedis electric pole would be the cause of this confusion. The cadastre had to think that he was not on a sidewalk but on the field of Jean-François.

is an ubiquitous story. Jean-François is Owner of a house with a 500 m² garden, in the city center of Lyon (69). Until then, nothing abnormal but, when he decides to separate from his property, 10 years ago, He notices an error on plans. He would not be the owner of all of the property since a plot of his land belongs to Enedis, manager of the electricity network, and this since the late 1970s. He has been trying to solve the problem for years but does not obtain winning From the cause, according to RMC .

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" there are days when it makes me smile because I tell myself that it is completely absurd , there are days when it despairs me a little because I tell myself that I am retired and that I would like to sell and that I cannot. Buyers say they are buying land, we buy a house but there is an mystery, "he confides on the radio. An Enedis electric pole is said to be the source of this confusion.

Video: For 10 years, he has not been able to sell his house because of an administrative error (capital)

A redesign of the cadastre took place in the 1970s and the cadastre had to think that the post was not on a sidewalk but on the field of Jean-François. He therefore attributed the property of part of the plot to the owner of the post, EDF at the time and today Enedis, the subsidiary of the electricity producer. " This little piece of land is actually noted as belonging to Enedis since the late 1970s. I bought later, it went under the radars of notaries and suddenly, it remained an error . They recognize themselves that it is an error, "he regrets.

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Identification of the cadastre has a purely fiscal value which is not used to prove a property right unlike the declaration to the service of land advertising. However, Enedis did not file a declaration of ownership to land advertising. This plot therefore does not belong to anyone.

Acquired prescription

today, the situation is far from being settled while Enedis wrote to the administration to indicate " that he had no rights on this plot and that he did not claim any right ", As the company specifies in the Figaro . Enedis also borne the notary fees incurred by the owner. To be able to modify the documents, it is necessary to obtain the agreement of the previous owner but it may have died according to RMC, because he was already old when he sold his house.

" long live the French administration !" Exclaims Jean-François, lonely by this absurdity. There remains one solution: waiting for it to be 30 years old that he owns his house. He will then have the whole plot, according to the acquisitive prescription, if no one manifests to claim good by then. It will be done in ... 2024.

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