Reviews: Marc Surer: Fernando Alonsos Speed ​​could let up in one or two years

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Fernando Alonso ist aktuell der älteste Fahrer im Formel-1-Feld © Motorsport Images Fernando Alonso is currently the oldest driver in Formula-1 Formula 1 expert Marc Surer, why Alpine Fernando Alonso Wanted to give a one -year contract for 2023 with an option for another season in 2024 and not a multi -year contract, as Alonso has now found and signed it with Aston Martin. "The clock is ticking at Alonso. It may be able to continue in this form for a year or two. I am sure that this will subside at some point," explains Surer in a new video on the YouTube channel from (channel now for free Subscribe and no longer miss a new Formula 1 video!).

"I think a driver loses a few hundredths of a second a year, which he compensates for by his commitment and experience. Nevertheless, this will work out sooner or later. Especially in qualification when it really matters pure time", Surer suspects.

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for the Swiss there are two reasons why Alonso chose Alpine and Aston Martin.

Surer: Why Alonso has decided against Alpine

first: A one-year contract with the option may have been "too little" for the 41-year-old, because Alonso knows exactly: "The older he gets, the smaller the chances that he is still for another team can drive. " Second second: "Alpine stagnates a bit. Compared to last year, they step on the spot. It is not the case that they are now ascending. And at Aston Martin there is at least hope that the new people, all of which are actually come too late for this year, next year. "

But even if Aston Martin should progress: The fact that the team will be 44 by the end of 2025 - Alonso will then have the chance to become world champion, Surer does not believe. He says: "He saw from other teams how long the climb lasts. No, he will hardly do that with Aston Martin."

Honda hopes for test comeback by Marc Marquez in 2022

 Honda hopes for test comeback by Marc Marquez in 2022 © Motorsport Images Marquez and Alberto Puig in Mugello at the end of May when the fourth surgical date in the Honda plant in the MotoGP World Cup is hoped that the currently hopes Non -operational star pilot Marc Marquez can get back to RC213V before the end of the year, even if "only" for test drives. Because in the sense of the technical development of the bike for 2023, Marquez is extremely important for the technicians of the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC).

Two alpha animals: Can that go well?

, especially since many observers in the new constellation locate explosives. Both Alonso and his new boss Lawrence Stroll are considered alpha animals. However, this does not necessarily have to end in tears, Surer believes: "It can go well because both want in the same direction."

"And if they short -circuit [...], then heads can roles at Aston Martin very quickly. So you have to calculate. This has happened more often in the past. From that, I believe that the two if you pull on the same rope what can do what. "

The whole interview with Formula 1 expert Marc Surer is now in full length (11:10 minutes) on the YouTube channel from as a video.

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