Reviews: "Sure that it will be a reinforcement": Forte is based on Oczipka's experience

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After two defeats at the start, you are a bit under force at the DSC Arminia before the away game at FC Hansa Rostock. On the one hand, points are needed, on the other hand, the overall sporting performance should improve. However, the Bielefelders are optimistic that this succeeds.

Unter Zugzwang: Arminia-Coach Uli Forte. © Imago/Photo2Press under pressure: Arminia coach Uli Forte.

self-critical Arminia coach is confident

"We discussed very, very self-critically internally, the team was also very self-critical in dealing with each other. That is particularly confident," said coach Uli Forte in the matchday press conference. "But we also continued to work on topics on the field, we went into detail. We used the two weeks since the last league game, including the cup success in Engers, to finally start the season properly."

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A topic was the remaining defense when switching the opponent quickly. The top division in the trophy came to some deals, the Saturday, the Saturday Rostock opponent, is also about getting goal chances. "We went through it in video studies. I hope that we will make it a lot better on Saturday. Hansa is lurking on these counterattack," we shouldn't allow forte. The 48-year-old wants to give his team a good balance: take care of the counter and aggressively with patience and calm on the ball.

whether in Rostock (as with his debut in the trophy) Benjamin Kanuric will appear in defensive midfield, the Arminia trainer left open. "He did it well, it is quite a way that Benji will end up in the starting eleven," said Forte. "We are discussing this in the coaching team, and we also have to wait for the last impressions from the training. Kanuric is a big promise for the future." Is it also for the present? Sebastian Vasiliadis, if he is completely fit, is currently still ahead.

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The latest new addition of the Bielefeld, but at 33 one of the most experienced players, Bastian Oczipka, will also make his debut in the league after his first competitive game for Arminia. "Oczipka has a certain calm on the ball that is currently good for us. He knows the left outer rail in the position game. I am sure that it will be a reinforcement," said the chief coach. It can be assumed that Oczipka will again play as a left-back in a 4-4-2.

above everything is the result in the end of professional sports, but sports manager Samir Arabi is reflected with the currently zero points on the account. "Of course we would have imagined the start differently, we need results, but solely to think about it in the short -term nature, that would be too flat," he said. "How our head coach works with his team and the team is in the right direction. I hope that we are starting to score in the championship now."

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