Reviews: Secret Story: What becomes of Senna, the ex-companion of Amélie Neten? His retraining very far from reality TV

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Secret Story : que devient Senna, l’ex-compagnon d’Amélie Neten ? Sa reconversion très loin de la télé-réalité © @senna_off Secret Story: What becomes of Senna, the ex-companion of Amélie Neten? His retraining very far from reality TV interviewed by Gossip Room, Senna Hounhanou has taken stock of her life since her visit to the Secret Story show on TF1.

remember: it was in 2010, on the occasion of the fourth season of the Secret Story confinement program on TF1, that viewers discovered Senna. At the time, the young man shared a common secret with Stéphanie Clerbois and Coralie: " we are ex ". Ready to do anything to blur the tracks, the candidate of the Maison des Secrets did not hesitate to use his charms with the fairer sex. And against all odds, Stéphanie Clerbois' ex-friendly friend fell in love with the most popular Belgians: Amélie Neten ! As a couple, the two lovebirds led their game with a master's hand, but also created some sparks ... And it is not their comrades Benoît Dubois or Thomas Vitielo who will say the opposite! And besides, our ears remember perfectly the legendary: " it's okay, Senna! " Ah ... Nostalgia! But if today's life of Amélie Neten is known to all, what about her ex-companion, Senna?

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A retraining far from reality TV

This Tuesday, August 2, the media Gossip Room published an exclusive video on its YouTube channel, with for guest of honor: Senna Hounhanu. And even if the young man did not take a single wrinkle, his life has changed! " Me what I do now I stay at the top every day. I am at the top of the roof," he mysteriously declared. But the dad of little Isaïah - born in 2014 - very quickly found his seriousness: " I am a roofer in a building now. It is a beautiful job, it is really a craft profession that is lost (…) It is A good retraining. I love what I do and it is above all very earth on . " Today, far from the spotlight, Senna had tried music with her one and only song Clap Your Hands , however. The ancients still remember the iconic cap of the clip!

Senna, a heart to take

" fulfilled " and " serene " in her professional life, private side, it's a whole different story ... separated from her son's mother, it would seem that Senna is always a Heart to take: " love with a great A, no I did not find it ." Preferring to devote himself to his role as father, who offers him the " stability " he needs, the former candidate of the Maison des Secrets does not seem closed to the idea of ​​redoing a reality show. Who knows, it would certainly be an opportunity to rediscover the young man in a different light!

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