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Die Chemie stimmt zwischen Maximilian Götz und Ezequiel Perez-Companc © ADAC Motorsport The chemistry between Maximilian Götz and Ezequiel Perez-Companc

with the obligation of Mercedes-AMG-Performance-performance driver Maximilian Götz is a fresh wind into the team from Madpanda Motorsport. The progress was already noticeable in Zandvoort on the last race weekend.

There the audience favorite with the ranks 15 on Saturday and twelve on Sunday the best racing positions in the ADAC GT Masters 2022. But how does it come that the incumbent DTM champion of all people caused an upswing?

"On the one hand, this has to do with experience, with the basic setting of the car that I bring with me. And I can say quite well how such a car should feel so that it is reasonably around the corner," Götz replies in conversation with ''.

slipstream coup! Ferrari duped Verstappen

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"When we started in Zandvoort, it wasn't anywhere. It was really difficult to drive, it didn't fit anything. Then we made a lot of changes and worked out a basis that was really good and with which Ezequiel was also satisfied. "

Auto has to be trimmed for top performance, according to

Götz must also be trimmed for maximum performance in a series like the ADAC GT Masters, where semi-professional racing drivers are also on the move. This differs from racing series like the British GT.

Due to their pro-AM approach, the much greater potential in terms of lap time lies with the amateur. Therefore, the car must be coordinated in such series so that the amateur feels most comfortable. The professional then has to adapt.

"In the end we are here in a championship that is very, very competitive. You also have to match the car to maximum performance, so that you can use everything," argues Götz. "So you can't compromise here, so there is actually only one and that means: maximum yield of performance."

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ADAC-GT-Masters test at the Nürburgring helps

The new set-up basis already seems to be fruitful. This was also shown on Thursday at the test day at the Nürburgring. In the third and last session, Götz and teammate/team boss Ezequiel Perez-Companc advanced into the top 10.

Götz is happy that there was a test option in advance this weekend, unlike in Zandvoort. "That was very important. Because if we had started again in free training, we would now nowhere. But the steps we made today were massive and really big," says Götz.

"We were quite good in the last session, one and a half tenth away from the fastest Mercedes. This is a huge step compared to the sessions before it, because there we were last or rather last. That is why it was important today. Without Thursday it would have been very difficult again because the basis is simply missing. "

What's next with Götz and Madpanda?

Now only the further development has to go in the right direction. In Zandvoort, the changes made for Sunday have taken one step backwards, as Götz explains. But the 2012 master sees this positively: "My pace on Sunday was actually not good, and there is a learning process in there for both parties."

For the Nürburgring weekend, Götz gives the top 10. "In qualifying for both of us, for him in his group and I with me," added the Mercedes-AMG pilot. "That would be a huge thing compared to Zandvoort." It is still open whether the Götz-Madpanda cooperation will continue after this weekend.

"We said we are doing Zandvoort, then Nürburgring. It may also be that it goes on, I don't know. That now depends a bit on how we will further increase. The satisfaction is there "And if there are no overlaps ...", Götz openly says for further cooperation.

Toto Wolff: Miserable Friday possibly key to Mercedes success .
© Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff in the paddock in Budapest after the "worst Friday of the season" for the Mercedes team in Hungary Qualifying Saturday ask how it could be that George Russell could get his first Formula 1 pole position . In the race on Sunday, Mercedes did not go much worse because the second double podium could be taken to France as a result. Lewis Hamilton, who only started from seventh place after a DRS defect in Q3, succeeded in second place.

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